The Enlightener consists of believers who are dedicated to the diligent study of God's word. Understanding comes through careful and prayerful study of God's word, led only by revelations of the Holy Spirit. We are not partial to or influenced by denominations. We believe there is only one true church, the body of believers who sincerely worship God in spirit, truth, and walk. Some may attend denominational churches, and others may worship from their homes. However, all are sincere toward God and seek the truth of His word to apply to their lives. They seek sanctification unto salvation.
     We believe the word of God is accurate, holy, and understandable. It was written to give understanding of God and the righteousness He expects from us. We believe that salvation involves more than just knowing the gospel of truth and attending ritual church services. We believe a danger exists for those who are lukewarm or who have fallen from the righteousness they once knew. This site will give understanding of what God expects and what truly ensures our salvation. To know we are in the will of God will give us a peace that goes beyond all understanding.

Bible Truths

Justification / Sanctification
True Repentance and Backsliding
False Pretense

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Law of Divorce
Observing the Sabbath
The Unpardonable Sin
Desire, Temptation, and Sin
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When Was Jesus Crucified?

Synopses of Contents

Bible Truths

Grace - What is God's grace? How should we live while under God's grace? What did God's grace really do for us? This documentation will explain God's grace as He truly intended it. It will identify the four types of grace found throughout the Bible and reveal the true meaning of Ephesians 2:8,9.

Justification / Sanctification - This document explains these words we have heard often but may not understand. Some have been known to begin their faith at justification but end it before sanctification. Is justification of sins all we need for salvation? What is God's will concerning sanctification? How do we really "secure" our salvation? These questions are answered here with the truth of God.

True Repentance - This article explains the judgment on those who know the will of God but sin anyway. It should concern those who are consistently out of God's will and who know it. We must not fool ourselves. God is merciful, but He will be just. The judgment and punishment awaiting the "backslider" will be severe. There is only one way to get back in the grace of God. This article explains who is the willful sinner and how to recover God's grace.

False Pretense - This is a very strong article that will enlighten us on the hypocrisy of some "believers." Some are deliberate hypocrites, while others are ritualistic hypocrites. Some feel they are in good standing because of what they have been taught. They trust in what their leaders and teachers tell them without ever seeking God's Spirit or verifying His word themselves. We need to be careful not to fall into the condition of Balaam and Korah or of the lukewarm believer.

Baptism - A quick understanding of the purpose of baptism from verses in the Bible. Baptism replaced circumcision. 

Bible Study Information

Bible Study Questions and Answers - These are study questions of most of the books of the Bible. They are designed for chapter by chapter study. We hope these will help to increase your knowledge and deepen your understanding as well.

Teachings and Parables of Jesus - This is an easy to follow table of the teachings and parables of Jesus. You can use it as a reference guide to the location of each as they occurred in all the gospels. A brief topic explanation of each parable is included to help in understanding the parable.

Chronological Reading of The Kings and The Prophets - A chronological chart of the time of the kings of Israel and Judah along with the book of the prophet(s) that occurred during that time. This will give you a comprehensive study and understanding of the time of the kings and especially of the writings of the prophets.

Time Table - A timetable of total years since the creation of Adam to the captivity of Israel. This table includes the reference verses that give us the clues to calculate this time!

Time Line - This is a chart of the Time Table. It shows the different periods of time from creation through the history of Israel including the sequence of the books of the prophets. To print it, set your printer to landscape.

Paul's Journeys - After a deep study of the book of Acts and all of Paul's epistles the only conclusion that can be drawn is that there was an unrecorded journey by Paul. It had to occur after his first recorded imprisonment in Rome. Several clues are available from his writings. This page presents each clue from each book with an organized summary at the end.

Doctrine of Salvation

The Walk for Salvation - How can we know if we are going in the right direction for salvation? Are we living in God's will? Do we know Him and His Spirit? What happens when we stumble? What is the determining factor of judgment for salvation? This is a quick list of facts from God's word that will answer these questions. If you want to explain how you live in God and in Christ for salvation in an organized manner, use this as a reference.

Apostolic Teachings on Salvation - This page contains verses that directly or indirectly teach us that salvation must be taken seriously. Since the beginning of scripture through the first century of the church it is clear and even undeniable what God's word teaches concerning eternal life. We must walk worthy of repentance steadfast to the end to receive eternal life.

Early Church View on Salvation - The early church leaders, teachers, and martyrs of the first century church viewed salvation seriously. They believed one must walk worthy of repentance steadfast to the end. They warned of the consequence of falling away. Read these excerpts from the letters that were written by these men to the various churches during the establishment of the church.

The Way of Light - This is an excerpt from a letter written to the saints of the early Christian Era. It was written by Barnabas (either the Barnabas who was with Paul or an early church leader soon after) entitled "The Epistle of Barnabas." He gives a thorough description of the difference between those who walk in the light and those who walk in darkness.

Quick Chart - This is a quick view chart on the plan of salvation. It is a brief summary of each step of salvation - conviction, sanctification, and salvation. Each step is necessary to have eternal life.

Bible Enlightenments

Predestination - Does God preplan who will be saved and who will be lost? Some have believed this doctrine. However, this page will give an understanding about God's real plan for man.

Life After the Grave - Some believe that when a good person dies they will go straight to heaven. What really happens to our souls when we die?  The Bible is clear about death and the resurrection to life. This page will enlighten us on when life after death takes place.

Law of Divorce - God set up the principles for divorce. These principles should rule in all marriages but especially in Christian marriages. If we were to obey God's principles we would probably reduce the divorce rate drastically.

Observing the Sabbath - This page will tell us how and when we are to honor God's holy day. No excuses or reasons are acceptable to justify not worshiping God on the Sabbath. Even in our day and time we can have a Sabbath day to rest and to worship God.

The Unpardonable Sin - The mystery sin is really no mystery. Those who commit it know they have done it. The understanding of this sin is found in the verses where Jesus explains it.

Desire, Temptation, and Sin - When do thoughts and temptations become sin?  When does sin begin that leads to death?  This page explains the verses in James 1:14,15.

Tithing Principles - A comparison of Old Testament and New Testament principles of tithing. This page will enlighten us of our responsibility and to the proper use of God's tithe.

Church Authority - Was Peter put in charge of the church? What rock was Jesus referring to that would build His church. This page will enlighten us of the true meaning of Matthew 16:18-19.

When Was Jesus Crucified? - Did the crucifixion of Jesus take place before or after the Passover? There seems to be a contradiction by John and the other Synoptic Gospels. Can they be reconciled?

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