1. When we turn back to Him God returns to us.
  2. They helped but had evil intentions.
  3. The four nations who scattered Israel.


  1. The people would experience a growth in prosperity and livestock. God would be a wall of protection for them.
  2. The Messiah, Jesus Christ.


  1. a. Jesus the Messiah. b. The sins of Joshua which represented the sins of the priesthood.
  2. The Messiah or Jesus.
  3. A figure of speech which indicated a time of peace and prosperity for the people.


  1. The lampstand represents the complete Spirit of God.
  2. Literally, it occurs when Zerubbabel completes the temple. (However, this could be a spiritual reference because Jesus is from Zerubbabel of the line of David and He completes the true temple.)
  3. Literally, this is when Zerubbabel begins rebuilding the temple. Spiritually, Jesus is the plumb line who will begin the new temple within us.
  4. Literally, the seven are the seven lamps who are Spirit of God. Spiritually, they represent us as the body of Christ or the church.


  1. Judgment and purging of the unclean in Israel would be done first.
  2. The basket is the measuring standard that will be in the world. There would be a great number of wicked people and nations of the land who would be judged.
  3. The woman is the wicked people and nations of the land. The disc represents the containment of the wicked until the time of judgment for them.


  1. The Spirit of God to dispense the tribulation and judgment on the wicked nations around Israel.
  2. A memorial for the Gentiles (represented by Babylon) to be included under the reign of the Messiah and the kingdom to come.
  3. Harmony between the leadership of the king and the guidance of the priests. This will be accomplished under the rule of the Messiah.


  1. They did these things to gratify themselves, a worship not really for God.
  2. He requires obedience more than fasting and true justice, mercy and compassion.


  1. The people from other nations will come before Him.
  2. Ten from each nation (the complete or all number of people from other nations) will want to know the God of the Jews.
  3. God wants us to speak the truth with each other, judgments of truth, justice, and peace and plan no evil in your heart against your neighbor.


  1. Tyre will lose its power through the judgment of the Lord. It will be destroyed and burned.
  2. a. The King will be lowly and arrive riding on a donkey. b. Jesus is the king.
  3. God will defend us as He did with David against Goliath.


  1. The priests, rulers, and prophets were the three types of leaders at that time.
  2. Jesus would be the cornerstone for the foundation of salvation.
  3. The battle of the chosen against the ungodly who resist God's kingdom.


  1. The word of God of truth and judgment against the ungodly rulers and leaders of Israel.
  2. The grace of God and the unity of His people at that time. This is a picture of God removing His protection from Israel.
  3. Judas Iscariot betrays Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.


  1. No one will be able to subdue them as they want. They themselves would suffer because of Israel.
  2. Those of other nations who are in charge of Israel and who benefit from them.
  3. Judah is like the Gentiles who will accept the Lord's salvation first before the Jews.
  4. God will bring all to one faith, one God, and one Spirit. There will be no Jew of Gentile or no one better than the other.
  5. God has mercy on them to cleanse them from their sins through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus.
  6. The people had rejected the Messiah. Therefore, they rejected God who sent Him.
  7. Later the people would realize that Jesus was the Messiah but they had rejected Him. Those who did this and those who knew who He was will mourn for Him.


  1. Jesus is the living water through forgiveness of sins by His death.
  2. Through the spreading of the gospel, the false idols and prophets will diminish.
  3. Jesus is the shepherd and companion of God.
  4. The majority of the people will be destroyed but the remnant will be God's people and even those will be tested to refine them.


  1. This signifies God's word which will judge His people and all the nations. This is when Jesus returns for the saints.
  2. This is the time of God's rapture. The valley is the place of judgment separating unbeliever and sinner from the chosen ones of God.
  3. There will no longer be time for preparation through God's word for salvation. The time for judgment has come when Jesus returns. Anyone who is not a servant of God will realize to late the truths of God.
  4. When Jesus returns for the saints there will be no more rulers over man but He.
  5. They and all that they owned will be completely destroyed.
  6. There will be no false worshiper or idolater in God's house or in the land ever again. The pots will remain holy to the Lord.