Updated 5\2012


  1. What is a bondservant?
  2. a. What is acknowledgment of the truth? b. What is the result of this?
  3. a. What qualities should an elder have? b. How should he handle the word?
  4. a. Who were those of the circumcision? b. Concerning the Cretans what were they doing and saying? c. What was Titus to do?
  5. Why do the pure in heart see pure in all things?
  6. a. How do people deny God? b. Is this acceptable to God?


  1. What is sound doctrine?
  2. How was Titus to exemplify himself?
  3. What is sound speech?
  4. How has grace appeared to all men?
  5. What does grace teach us?
  6. What is this grace?


  1. Should we be subject to rulers?
  2. a. Whose choice was it to save us? b. From what were we saved? c. What helped us to be saved?
  3. a. What must we be careful to maintain? b. Why?
  4. a. How many times are we to warn a divisive man?  b. What should we do after that?