1. a. One who is not free, who has a master, and who works and serves him without pay
  2. a. We recognize the truth of God, agree with it, and live it. b. The result of this is godliness and piety for God.
  3. a. He must be hospitable; a lover of what is good, sober-minded, just, holy, and self-controlled. b. He should be able to convince, exhort, and correct those who contradict the word of God.
  4. a. The Jews and upholders of the Law and circumcision who attempted to lead the church. b. These Jewish leaders were taking advantage of the Cretans for their own gain. They justified it by claiming the Cretans were corrupt people so therefore they deserved it. c. He was to rebuke them strongly and teach them to speak sound doctrine in love and holiness.
  5. The pure look for the pure or good in all people.
  6. a. Their works and conduct to not honor God or obey b. No, they are not representatives of God.


  1. Stable and upright teaching that follows God’s word and will. (This is what follows in the next few verses.)
  2. Titus was not only to teach the doctrines but to live it by example.
  3. Sound speech is that which makes is pure, true, and uncorrupted.
  4. The grace which brings salvation is available to all classes of people.
  5. Grace teaches us to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present age.
  6. This grace is our opportunity to sanctify ourselves and obey God’s will. It is simply the time we have now to get right with God before Jesus returns.


  1. Yes, we should obey them and be prepared for any good work.
  2. a. God chose to save us. b. We were in sin doing no good works. God chose to save us from our sinful nature (vs. 3). c. God poured out the Holy Spirit to renew and regenerate us.
  3. a. Since the Holy Spirit has been poured out on us we must be careful to maintain good works. b. Obeying the Spirit will make us an heir of eternal life (vs. 7) and help us live at peace with people (vs. 8).
  4. a. We should give him a couple of chances to abandon his course and error. b. He should be separated from the church.