Song of Solomon



Chapter 1


  1. The bride was tanned because she was forced by her family to keep the vineyards.


Chapter 2


  1. The bride is a lily among thorns. The bridegroom is an apple tree among the forest. Each surpasses all others.


Chapter 3


  1. The bride had unfulfilled love but then finds her love and is satisfied.


Chapter 4


  1. He describes her beauty with the beautiful and pleasant things of the earth.


Chapter 5


  1. The bride is so lovesick it is unbearable to be away from her beloved.


Chapter 6


  1. The beloved praises the beauty of his love. Even the queens and concubines praise her.


Chapter 7


  1. The bride is ready to give herself physically to her beloved.


Chapter 8


  1. The love of her beloved was more valuable than all the wealth he may have.
  2. Her brothers would uphold and protect her purity if she became weak.
  3. The bride surrenders not only herself but her possessions to her love.