(Updated 1/2012)



  1. a. What must we include with our faith as apostles of Christ? b. What was Paul required to do in his faith?
  2. a. What did Paul say was the power of salvation for the believer? b. How is this?
  3. What is the righteousness of God?
  4. To whom is the wrath of God going to be revealed?
  5. a. How did men not glorify God? b. What did God allow of these people?


  1. How did the people condemn themselves?
  2. Why did these people believe they were not to be condemned?
  3. Why is God long suffering with the sinner?
  4. What rewards are rendered according to our deeds?
  5. What is the sure way for eternal life?
  6. a. Who are those who have sinned without the law? b. Who are those have sinned with the law?
  7. Why is God's name blasphemed among the Gentiles?
  8. Where should our circumcision (commitment) to God take place?
  9. Whom should we seek praise from?


  1. Why is God true and every man a liar?
  2. If our unrighteousness demonstrates God's righteousness, should we continue to sin?
  3. Why are we justified freely?
  4. a. What previous sins had God passed over? b. Why was God tolerant of these sins?
  5. Why can’t the law be made void?
  6. How does our faith establish the law?


  1. a. What works is Paul referring to in verse 4 and 5? B. Explain these two verses.
  2. How is righteousness imputed towards us apart from the works of the law?
  3. Why was Abraham's faith accounted to him as righteousness?
  4. Why could Abraham have doubted God?
  5. What type of faith did Abraham have?


  1. What is our hope?
  2. How are we saved by Jesus' life?
  3. What punishment or consequence did sinners receive before the law?
  4. What was the gift of Jesus Christ that abounded to many?
  5. a. What resulted from Adam's offense? b. What resulted from Jesus' righteousness?
  6. a. What does sin reign in? b. What does grace reign in?


  1. a. What did we bury when we were baptized into Jesus' death? b. How were we raised when we were baptized into Jesus?
  2. From what are we free and no longer slaves because of our sins?
  3. How are we made alive to God in Christ?
  4. a. How do we become slaves to God? b. To what will this lead? c. What will sin lead to?
  5. What gift did God provide?


  1. What did we leave when we became joined to Christ?
  2. How do we serve the law now?
  3. How are sins aroused by the law?
  4. a. Is the law against God's will? b. What is the purpose of the law?
  5. Apart from the Spirit, is there anything good in man?
  6. What brings us into captivity to the law of sin?
  7. What two laws can you serve?


  1. What condemnation is eliminated by Jesus?
  2. From what are we set free in Jesus Christ?
  3. What could the law not do for us?
  4. What was the righteous requirement of the law?
  5. What does being fleshly minded bring?
  6. If you do not follow the Spirit of Christ, to whom do you not belong?
  7. What gives your body life?
  8. How do we put to death the deeds of the body?
  9. a. If you are lead by the Spirit, who's son do you become? b. How does this benefit us?
  10. What else will be delivered from corruption when God returns?
  11. a. What is our hope that we wait on? b. What must we do until that time? c. How do we do this?
  12. When we are lost in our prayers and weaknesses, who will direct us?
  13. a. Who did God foreknow? b. What did He want for them? c. How did He justify these people? d. How did he glorify us?
  14. a. Who is the one that will charge us with our sin? b. Who can condemn us?
  15. Is there any trial, tribulation, or power that can separate the love of God and the love of Christ from the true believer?


  1. How do we gauge ourselves in the Holy Spirit?
  2. a. Who are children of God?  b. Who are the children of the flesh?
  3. How was Esau hated?
  4. Who does God harden for His use?
  5. How many of the Israelites will be saved?
  6. Who is the seed that protects us from becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah?
  7. Who is the stone that was rejected?


  1. How were the Jews trying to be righteous?
  2. What did Christ do to the law?
  3. Why does Christ not need to be brought back for salvation?
  4. How is the Word in your mouth and in your heart?
  5. After believing the gospel to what must our hearts be committed?
  6. Who can call on the name of the Lord?
  7. How does faith come?
  8. Why does Israel not obey the gospel?
  9. Who did God use to try to turn the Israelites to Him?


  1. What Israelites will God save?
  2. What works is Paul referring to in verse 6?
  3. How has God given the Jews a spirit of stupor?
  4. a. Who is the first fruit and root? b. Who is the lump and branches?
  5. Why were the Jews broken off?
  6. Who is the wild olive tree?
  7. What has Israel’s blindness done for the Gentiles?


  1. What is our reasonable service to God?
  2. a. What does renewing your mind mean? b. What is our source for renewing our mind?
  3. How did the people think more highly of themselves?
  4. Do we all have the same function in the body of Christ?
  5. What should we hate and to what should we cling?
  6. How should we be serving the Lord?
  7. What should we do during times of tribulation?
  8. What type of people should we associate with?
  9. a. How should we live with others? b. How do we avenge ourselves?


  1. a. Should we be subject to the governing authorities? b. Why? c. Should we pay our taxes?
  2. How does love fulfill all the law?
  3. What are we to awake from and why?
  4. How do you put on the Lord Jesus Christ?


  1. What should we do about unclear and doubtful things?
  2. What will God do for a person who is not as knowledgeble in the faith?
  3. a. What should we concern ourselves with when a weaker brother is present? b. Why should we do this?


  1. What do we not just please ourselves concerning our weaker brother?
  2. What scriptures were sought for learning and hope in God?
  3. To whom was Jesus a servant?
  4. What other people came under the grace of God because of Jesus?
  5. What was Paul's ministry to the Gentiles?
  6. Where did Paul seek to lay a foundation of Jesus Christ?
  7. Why was Paul going to Jerusalem?
  8. What was Paul's fear about going to Judea?


  1. Where was the church of Priscilla and Aquila?
  2. a. What did Paul say to do about people who taught contrary to his doctrine and caused divisions in the church? b. How did these captivate others with their message?
  3. Of what are we to be wise and innocent?
  4. Who will crush Satan under your feet?
  5. Who wrote this letter for Paul?
  6. What was the secret kept since the world began?