1.      John received this revelation from Jesus.

2.      Jesus.

3.      The seven churches in Asia.

4.      The seven stars are the angels or representatives of the seven churches. The lampstands are the churches.


1.      Ephesus had left their first love to love God and to love one another. They had been a working church instead of a loving church. Symrna had no issues of their own but their faith would be greatly tested through the coming tribulation. Pergamos had allowed idolatry and immorality to exist within the church. Thyatira had been led by a so called prophetess into sexually immorality and uncleanness and eating things sacrificed to idols.


1.      Sardis had become a dead church. They had become lax to discipline and dedication. They were no threat to Satan. They had the title of Christian but did not live like a Christian. Philadelphia was the faith church and served God well. They would be excluded from the trial that would come before the whole world. The Laodiceans were the lukewarm church. Their love and security was material and not in the Lord. They had no spiritual growth and had become ineffective in service to God.


  1. John saw a throne with God sitting upon it.
  2. The seven lamps are the seven spirits of God. This is the full force of the Holy Spirit.
  3. One was like a lion; one like a calf; one like a man; one like a flying eagle. According to Ezekiel 1:4-14 these are cherubim or angelic beings.
  4. There were twenty four elders around the thrown (they could represent the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve apostles).



  1. A scroll sealed with seven seals was in Godís hand.
  2. Jesus the Lamb was worthy to open the scroll and loose its seals.



  1. The first seal is the white horse which releases a conqueror on conquers and dominates the earth. The second seal the red horse brings wars on the earth. The third seal the black horse brings scarcity of goods and famine on the earth. The fourth seal the pale horse brings death upon a fourth of the earth. The fifth seal allows death on those have and will give their life to God. The sixth seal brings disruption to the things in the sky and a great earthquake (see Matt. 24:29-31).



  1. 144,000 are sealed of Israel before the earth and sea is harmed.
  2. These are the saved Gentiles who come through the tribulation.


1.      Judgment upon the earth begins. Thunder, lightening, and earthquakes usually precede Godís judgment.

2.      The first trumpet released hail and fire and destroyed a third of the trees and all the green grass; the second trumpet brings destruction on the seas and a third of the ships and a third of the living creatures in the sea are destroyed; the third trumpet poisons a third of all fresh water; the fourth trumpet strikes a third of the sun, moon, and stars so that they could not give off light.


  1. Satan or a high ranking demon is the fallen star from heaven.
  2. The locusts are given power to torment the unsealed people on earth but not to kill them.
  3. This is the first woe.
  4. The sixth trumpet releases four angels around the Euphrates River to kill a third of mankind.
  5. There are two hundred million in this army.
  6. The rest of mankind did not repent of their evils deeds of idolatry, murders, sexual immorality, and thefts.



  1. The mighty angel proclaimed that there should be no more delay in Godís plan (likely the setting up of Godís kingdom on earth).
  2. John must prophesy to or about many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings.



  1. Jerusalem will be subjected to the Gentiles for forty-two months or three and a half years.
  2. The two witnesses prophesy for one thousand two hundred and sixty days about the coming judgment of God. They have power over the rain, the waters, and plagues.
  3. The beast that comes out of the bottomless pit kills the two witnesses (9:1).
  4. The two witnesses are resurrected to life and taken into heaven.
  5. The fifth through the sixth trumpets which includes the release of the beast from the bottomless pit in which a third of mankind and the two witnesses are killed and seven thousand more die in a great earthquake.
  6. The seventh trumpet proclaims the beginning of the setting up of the kingdom of God on earth.



  1. The woman represents Israel.
  2. Satan is the fiery red dragon.
  3. Jesus is the child from the woman.
  4. The offspring of the woman are the Gentiles who know Jesus as their Lord.



  1. A blasphemous beast with seven heads, ten horns, and ten crowns rises to power.
  2. The world marvels at the beast because it seems to have been mortally wounded but has been healed.
  3. The beast is allowed to make war with the saints and to have authority over every tribe, tongue, and nation.
  4. A beast with two horns rises from the earth and causes the earth to worship the first beast.
  5. The second beast performs great signs and wonders.
  6. All people who worship the beast must have a mark on their right hand or on their forehead in order to buy and sell.



  1. Jesus and the 144,000 who survive the tribulation.
  2. The first angel proclaims the gospel to all people. The second angel proclaims the fall of Babylon which has caused the people to fall. The third angel warns against taking the mark of the beast.
  3. Jesus is coming on the cloud.
  4. Jesus is gathering the saints from the earth.
  5. All lost souls are thrown into the winepress of the wrath of God.



  1. Those who came through the tribulation and did not worship the beast or take his mark.
  2. The seven angels have the seven last plagues of the wrath of God for those left on earth.



  1. Each angelís bowl:
    1. Loathsome sores on the people.
    2. The sea turns to blood and every creature in the sea dies.
    3. The rivers and springs of water turn to blood.
    4. People are scorched with great heat from the sun.
    5. The beast and his kingdom become full of darkness.
    6. The Euphrates River is dried up to allow a great battle.
    7. A great earthquake occurs with great hail upon the earth and people.


  1. Men still will not repent and give glory to God. Their hearts are so hard.
  2. There is evil within the kingdom of the beast that weakens and damages it.
  3. The nations are led by the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet (second beast of Rev. 13) against God, Jesus, and the saints.
  4. Babylon represents the kingdoms of the beast.



  1. The woman sits on the beast of Revelation 13:1, the Antichrist.
  2. The heads represent seven kingdoms or empires that have and will come into power.
  3. The ten horns are ten nations that will support the beast for a measured time.
  4. The woman is a world wide spiritual system(but not of God) that reigns in the earth.



  1. The woman has great commercial influence on earth too. She represents materialism, greed, and pride.



  1. After Babylon falls Christ is joined to the church.
  2. Jesus is the rider on the white horse.
  3. The beast and false prophet are quickly defeated and thrown into the lake of fire.



  1. Satan is cast into the bottomless pit for a thousand years.
  2. The first resurrection encompasses all believers who have died in Christ during the tribulation.
  3. The resurrected believers will be priests of God and Christ and reign one thousand years.
  4. Satan and those he will deceive will come to battle the saints in the holy city but will be quickly destroyed. Satan will be cast into the lake of fire.
  5. The rest of the dead, the lost, are judged at this time.



  1. There is a new heaven and a new earth. There is no sea.
  2. The new Jerusalem comes down to earth.
  3. The names of the twelve tribes of Israel are on the twelve gates.
  4. The names of the twelve apostles are on the foundations of the city.
  5. The city is equal in length, width, and height of twelve thousand furlongs (1380 miles).
  6. The walls are made of jasper.
  7. The foundations are each made of different precious stones.
  8. The gates are made of pearls, a single pearl for each gate.
  9. The sun and the moon will not be needed for the glory of God will illuminate the city.



  1. A river of water of life proceeded from the throne.
  2. The Tree of Life in the middle of the street spanned to either side of the river.
  3. Those who keep the prophecy of this book without changing or tampering with it will have their names written in the Book of Life.