1. Who wrote most of the proverbs?
  2. What do the wise and those of understanding do?
  3. What will produce knowledge in someone?
  4. Who and what are we to avoid?
  5. What will happen if we refuse wisdom?




  1. From whom come wisdom, knowledge, and understanding?
  2. How do wisdom, knowledge, and understanding preserve and keep us?




  1. What can find us favor with God and man?
  2. Who are we to trust?
  3. What will honoring God with our possessions and first fruits do for us?
  4. What does God do with those He loves?
  5. What does wisdom produce?
  6. What are we not to withhold from someone?
  7. What are we not to do against someone?




  1. What is the instruction of a wise parent to their children?
  2. What will the words of a parent produce for their child?




  1. What will falling to an immoral woman produce?
  2. Who are we to be satisfied?




  1. What are we to do if we have become surety to a friend?
  2. What will laziness bring?
  3. What seven things does God hate?
  4. Can adultery be hidden? Can it be recompensed?




  1. What will the seductress lead you to?




  1. What does the fear of the Lord cause you to hate?
  2. What was with God in the beginning?




  1. Who will accept correction and teaching?
  2. What will be added to you if you have wisdom?
  3. How is a foolish woman?




  1. What makes a mother and father happy?
  2. What does righteousness do?
  3. What will cover sin?
  4. What do the righteous speak?




  1. What is an abomination to the Lord?
  2. What cannot deliver you from death?




  1. What is the crown of a husband?
  2. What does truth declare?
  3. What can anxiety cause?
  4. What must the righteous carefully choose?




  1. What will happen to dishonest wealth?
  2. What will you be if you walk with the wise?
  3. What will a good person leave?
  4. What will a person who loves their child do?




  1. From whose presence should we leave?
  2. What do the prudent consider?
  3. On whom should we have mercy?
  4. What do we have in the Lord?
  5. How can a nation be exalted?




  1. What can turn away wrath?
  2. What do the wise disperse?
  3. In what does the Lord delight and love?
  4. What will the greed do?




  1. What will the Lord do for those who please Him?
  2. What does the Lord allow us to do?
  3. What is an abomination of a king?
  4. What is better than gold and silver?
  5. What follows pride and a haughty spirit?
  6. What is a crown of glory for someone?




  1. What may a shameful son lose?
  2. What will one suffer who is glad about calamity?
  3. What is an abomination to the Lord?




  1. What can isolation produce?
  2. What does humility bring?
  3. What is hard if you offend your brother?
  4. What good and favorable gift comes from the Lord?
  5. What does one have if he is friendly?




  1. What will happen to the false witness and the one who speaks lies?
  2. What woman comes from the Lord?
  3. What will the Lord pay back?
  4. What will the Lord keep from those who fear Him?




  1. Who is blessed when you walk in integrity?
  2. What determines if you are pure and right?
  3. What can put you in deep darkness?
  4. Who will repay evil done to us?
  5. What reveals our heart to the Lord?




  1. What does the Lord want more than our sacrifice?
  2. What results when you wander from understanding?
  3. Who is it good to avoid?
  4. What do those receive who are righteous and merciful?




  1. What do humility and the fear of the Lord bring?
  2. What will the Lord do for the poor and afflicted?




  1. What will deliver a child from Hell?
  2. What will happen to the drunkard and the glutton?
  3. What does one suffer who partakes of too much wine?




  1. What type of house is built with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding?
  2. What will the Lord consider when He renders judgment on your deeds?
  3. How should we react when our enemy falls?




  1. What should we do before going to court?
  2. What is like the threatening winds and clouds?
  3. How should we treat our enemy?




  1. How does one who hates disguise it?




  1. Who should praise us?
  2. What is like a contentious woman?
  3. How is a man refined?




  1. What comes with righteousness?
  2. What is better than a perverse rich man?
  3. How do we receive mercy for our sins?
  4. What happens for us when we give to the poor?




  1. How do the wise handle their feelings?
  2. What will bring a man down?




  1. What did Agur request concerning poverty and riches?
  2. What four things are never satisfied?
  3. What four things can the earth not accept?
  4. What four things are little but yet wise?




  1. What were kings advised to avoid?
  2. Who should the king help?
  3. What is worth more than rubies?
  4. What is a virtuous woman?


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Dec 17 No change of clothes Jan 5, 2006 No belt for Nolen for school. 13 Nolen s clothes are a t-shirt and ankle socks. It will be in the 40s Monday. 18 Carsen has to take baths with Lindsey (4 and 9). 27 Boys have an appointment but C wont tell me what it is for or who it is with and says she doesnt have to tell me anything. 27 Nolen one crew sock and one ankle sock. Both boys are sick too. It is cold outside. 27 Also find out from boys C wants them to be called by King instead of Collins. Feb 16, 2006 No clothes for the boys. Mar 10, 2006 Nolen says dam it. He says his mom says it all the time. Mar 10, 2006 Carsen has a thick winter over shirt to wear and it is 70 degrees today! April 17, 2006 C answers Monday night. She would not tell me where the boys were and hung up on me. April 18 Tried calling the boys but she had the phone off the hook. Checked with operator. April 27 Boys smell badthey said they dont take baths regularly at their moms. Nolen has no change of underwear packed. Sept 1 2006 C cannot pay for her half of daycare. Sept 14 C needs me to get the boys earlier because of her surgery. She did not want to pay her half for the extra daycare needed. She sends them to her mother in-law. 22 No treatment for Carsens cut under his nose or the 18 or more ant bites on his body. She did not even know about it. I saw the bites getting him dressed. Nov 9, 2006 - C wants me to keep the boys all week for Thanksgiving and wants me to cover the increase in daycare expense. She doesnt want to pay. Dec 17, 2006 No clothes for the boys for school. Called her and she brings clothes but forgets socks and underwear. Mar 1, 2007 No under clothes for the boys. Mar 9-11, 2007 No clothes. C drops some Sunday..forgets Nolens beltmy clothes are not returned. June 2007 Had to buy all new clothes for the boys, Colleen would not send the boys clothes for the summer. Sept 2007 Nolen with rash on his rear for a few weeks. She blamed it on pull-ups..(yeswearing them to long wet and not bathing!) Oct 23, 2007 Nolen has Staph infection. Lindsey had one the week before. Colleen had one too. Cs house is filthy Dec 29, 2007 - Picked up the boys. Nolen has wet socks and shoes on. He just went to the doctor for bronchitis. He is still coughing. July 28 Nolen has his second Staph infection. Aug 1, 2009 I took a pizza over to Cs house. She did not cook for them. Noticed again how dirty and smelly her house was. . There was dried food and sticky stuff all over the kitchen table, floors dirty, laundry still on the couch. I believe the Staph lives in this bacteria infested environment. Aug 6, 2009 Nolen and Garrick were by themselves. They are 8 and 9/10? May 9, 2013 Colleen informs me last minute about Nolens band concert. It is 9 p.m. It is too late for me to change my schedule. She makes it look to him like I dont care about him. May 24, 2013 Though I am accommodating Colleen she sends no clothes for the boys for the week or the summer. May 24, 2013 - The boys have told me some of the negative things she has been saying to them about meI put football first, I leave them longer than I am supposed to at daycare, I dont really want to see the boys, she has been doing me a favor by letting me get the boys after my football game because she doesnt have to let them go. June 3, 2013 - Nolen was told by his mom that since he was staying with me for the summer it was up to me to get him to his band camp. The camp was 9-1 all week. She knows I work and cant get off unless it is planned ahead of time. I feel she is trying to convince him I dont care about him. She doesnt work. Why wouldnt she take him and bring him back to daycare or even spend time with him afterwards and bring him home at 6:00? July 8, 2013 - The boys are starving again! Carsen ate nothing all day. Colleen was sick in bed all day. Aug 16, 2013 Tried to swap but Colleen would not swap. Europa and scrimmage was going on for me. Sept 2013 Colleen has Carsens first name printed on the back of his football jersey instead of Collins. All other team mates have their last name on their jerseys. I paid for at least half of his equipment and gear (probably more). Of course she was missing a receipt. Sept 18-21, 2013 Found out Carsen was by himself Wed-Friday each morning. Colleen was out of town with Eric on his job. He is alone from about 6:20 to 7:40 when he gets on the bus. Oct 3, 2013 Thursday the boys were home alone at least an hour, she was running errands, they had been fighting. Nov 7, 2013 Altercation after Carsens game at Ward 10. Instigated by Colleen. Eric spins tires and hits brakes a few times. Gets out of the truck and does the growls like the Incredible Hulk and says he hates their dad and he is an idiot. He does the same when he gets home and punches a punching bag. Nov 14, 2013 Find out from Carsen that his mom has told him that I dont think he is my child!! She asks him if I have said anything about him not being my son!!!!. Nov 22, 2013 Nolen with yeast infection again. Dec 6, 2013 - No shoes for Carsen for school. He was wearing crocks and it was in the 30s in the mornings. Dec 12, 2013 - Nolen forgot his school pants. Colleen did not want to bring them to us and she did not want to meet in the morning. She would not talk to me about it. Dec 20, 2013 Cant get the boys until 6:00 because thats what the papers say. Boys tell me they are not allowed to call me and she wants to know if I call them at school. They are not allowed to talk to me at school either. Jan 3, 2014 Nolen calls to check on pick up and drop off. Colleen wont let me get them earlier than 6:00. She then texts later about getting them early but it couldnt work out the way she wanted. Later Nolen told me she didnt go run errands, Eric did. She was in bed all day. Nolen has a red mark from Colleen shooting him with an airsoft gun up close while he lay in bed. On Dec. 26th Colleen rode Nolen so hard and slapped him three times that he wanted to run away. She wouldnt let him leave then and held him down. Ms.Cheryl was there and held him down too. Nolen got his mp3 player back completely wiped out of all his pictures even his Christmas and 4th of July pictures. Colleen told Nolen that he wasnt believed by Trinity the child protection worker. He supposedly told her she had nothing to worry about. Garrick is being a butt to both boys, hitting them, calling Nolen gay, sacracastic remarks from he and the whole family (including Colleen) saying that they need to be careful about what they say or do because the boys are going to run and tell on them. Jan 6, 2014 Colleen knew about the boys coming home at 11:30 this morning. She was still asleep in bed and was too tired to get up. No one else was there to meet at sub-station. She told Nolen she didnt want to see him until 6:00. He was hurt and cried. The boys wanted to stay another night but she told them no because it was not my night and she had let them spend the day with me. Jan 9, 2014 Got pass codes to access boys school records. Colleen never told me this was available. Nolen calls to tell me it would be my responsibility to get him from his band event at PJH since it was my night. Colleen sends a late text (10:30-11:00) about pick up of Nolen. She gets mad at me, criticizes me, and says she will pick up Nolen and meet me at the substation at 6.  CDF { | A U   u ͷͷͯynnf^h=CJaJh7hGCJaJh&hfhCJaJhl(CJaJhaCJaJh&h7hGCJaJhgCJaJh CJaJh&h@&CJaJh;.CJaJh&h&CJaJh&hCJaJh&h'CJaJh@bCJaJhECJaJhq.CJaJh]BCJaJhZCJaJ"DF | V  u v 9 gdngd2ogd@&$a$gdE%u | ~ " 0 9 ? 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