Updated 6/2018




  1. Solomon.
  2. The wise will hear and increase in learning and also seek wise counsel.
  3. The fear of the Lord�s judgment.
  4. We are not to be enticed by sinners and the evil they hastily run to.
  5. Rebuke, destruction, distress, calamity, terror, distress, and anguish will come upon those who refuse wisdom and the fear of the Lord.


  1. All comes from the Lord.
  2. They will deliver us from the way of evil and from those who do evil and from the immoral woman.


  1. Mercy and truth in our hearts.
  2. We are to trust in the Lord not our own understanding.
  3. God will bless us abundantly in whatever we honor Him.
  4. He chastens and corrects those He loves.
  5. Wisdom produces length of days, riches, honor, pleasantness, peace, happiness, and the tree of life.
  6. Do not withhold good from someone when it is in your power to do it.
  7. We are not to do evil against our neighbor who trusts us or strive against someone who has done us no harm.


  1. A wise parent will instruct the child in wisdom and understanding.
  2. The wisdom and understanding of a parent will produce life and health to those who find them.  


  1. You can lose your honor, wealth, and suffer a cruel life.
  2. We are to be satisfied with our own wife.


  1. We are to humble ourselves before them and plead with them for deliverance from the debt.
  2.  Laziness will bring poverty.
  3. God hates a proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises evil, those who run to evil, a false witness, and one who sows discord among people.
  4. One who commits adultery will not be innocent or avoid consequences. A husbands fury will never be appeased with any amount of gifts.


  1. She will lead your soul to Sheol and death.


  1. Those who fear the Lord will hate evil, pride, arrogance, and a perverse mouth.
  2. Wisdom was with God before the creation of the world.


  1. A wise man will accept correction and teaching.
  2. Wisdom will add days to your life.
  3. A foolish woman is boisterous, simple, and knows nothing.


  1. A wise son or child.
  2. Righteousness delivers from death and pours out blessings.
  3. Love will cover all sins.
  4. The righteous speak what is acceptable the wicked what is perverse.


  1. The Lord hates dishonesty or deceptiveness.
  2. Riches will not deliver you from death.


  1. An excellent wife is the crown of a husband.
  2. Truth declares righteousness.
  3. Anxiety causes depression.
  4. The righteous must choose their friends carefully.


  1. Dishonest wealth will diminish.
  2. Whoever walks with the wise will become wise.
  3. A good person will leave an inheritance to his children�s children.
  4. He who loves his child will discipline him early.


  1. Leave the presence of a foolish person when you perceive in him no knowledge.
  2. The prudent consider every word and every step.
  3. We should have mercy on the poor.
  4. We have a place of refuge and we have life in the Lord.
  5. A nation who practices righteousness will be exalted.


  1. A soft answer can turn away wrath.
  2. The wise disperse knowledge.
  3. The Lord delights in the prayer of the upright and loves he who follows righteousness.
  4. The greedy will trouble his own house.


  1. The Lord will make the enemies of those who please Him to be at peace with them.
  2. The Lord allows us to make our plans but He will direct our steps.
  3. For a king to do wicked is an abomination.
  4. Wisdom and understanding are better than gold and silver.
  5. Destruction and the fall follow pride and a haughty spirit.
  6. The silver haired person who walked in righteousness is glorious.


  1. A shameful son can lose his authority and some of his inheritance.
  2. He who is happy at calamity will be punished.
  3. He who justifies the wicked and condemns the just is an abomination to the Lord.


  1. Isolation can produce selfishness.
  2. Humility brings forth honor.
  3. A brother you offend is hard to win back.
  4. A wife is a good and favorable gift from the Lord.
  5. A person who is friendly will have many friends.


  1. The false witness and the one who speak lies will not escape punishment.
  2. A prudent wife is from the Lord.
  3. The Lord will pay back what you lend to the poor.
  4. Evil will be kept from those who fear the Lord.


  1. Your children are blessed when you walk in integrity.
  2. Your deeds will determine whether you are pure and righteous.
  3. If you curse your parents you will be left in deep darkness.
  4. The Lord will repay evil done to us.
  5. Our inner spirit is a lamp to the Lord.


  1. The Lord wants us to do righteousness and justice more than He wants our sacrifice.
  2. A man who wanders from understanding puts himself in the assembly of the dead.
  3. It is good to stay away from a contentious and angry woman.
  4. He who is righteous and merciful will find life, righteousness, and honor.


  1. Humility and the fear of the Lord bring honor, riches, and life.
  2. The Lord will protect and plead the cause of the poor and afflicted. He will punish and plunder those who hurt them.


  1. Correction and discipline will save a child from destruction.
  2. The drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty.
  3. The one who takes too much wine will suffer woes, sorrows, contentions, complaints, wounds without cause, and redness of the eyes.


  1. A house built with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding is one filled with precious and pleasant riches.
  2. The Lord will consider your heart and what you knew as He renders judgment on your deeds.
  3. We should not rejoice but pity our enemy when he falls lest the Lord relent of His wrath.


  1. We should try to resolve the issue before we go to court.
  2. False giving is like the threatening wind and clouds without the rain.
  3. We should do good unto our enemy.


  1. One who hates disguises it with his lips � by his kind words. Do not believe him.


  1. Others should praise us not ourselves.
  2. A contentious woman is like the continual dripping on a rainy day.
  3. A man is refined by what others say of him.


  1. Boldness comes with righteousness.
  2. A poor man who walks in integrity is better than a perverse rich man.
  3. If we confess our sins we will receive mercy for them.
  4. He who gives to the poor will be blessed.


  1. The wise hold back their feelings.
  2. A man�s pride will bring him down.


  1. Agur requested neither poverty nor riches but what was allotted to him lest he be full and deny the Lord or be poor and steal and profane the Lord.
  2. The grave, the barren womb, the dry earth, and a fire are never quenched.
  3. The earth cannot accept a servant when he reigns, a fool when he is filled with food, a hated woman when she is married, and a maid who succeeds her mistress.
  4. The ant is little and weak but well prepared, rock badgers are feeble but make their homes in the crags, locusts have no king but advance in ranks, and the spider\ lizard skillfully finds food even in kings� palaces.


  1. Kings should stay away from much women and much strong drink.
  2. Kings should help those who can�t defend themselves and the poor and the needy.
  3. A virtuous woman is worth more than rubies.
  4. A virtuous woman is one who does good and not evil; she works with her hands and provides food for her household; she helps the poor and the needy; she is strong and honorable; she is wise, kind, and not idle; she is blessed by her children and praised by her husband; she fears the Lord.