The following verses will show examples of false pretense in the past. They will show that some were lead astray and also God's judgement for those not in His will. Some will sound familiar to our day and time.

Those Who "Worship" in Pretense
Isaiah 1:12-15 They still held their sacred assemblies, celebrations, and Sabbaths.
Isaiah 29:13 The people spoke of God but their heart was not near to God
Isaiah 48:1 They swore by the name and mentioned the name of God among themselves but not in truth or righteousness.
Isaiah 58:3 They came before God but wondered why He did not answer them.
Jer 3:10 They did not serve God with their whole heart but in pretense.
Jer 5:2  They swore by the Lord, but falsely.
Jer 5:24 Their hearts did not fear the Lord.
Jer 7:2  They still came to the place of worship to worship God.
Jer 7:9,10 They had committed several sins but by coming to the house of God they thought they were delivered from them.
Jer 12:2 God was near in their mouths but far from their minds.
Eze 14:3 They came to God's prophets for God's word but their hearts were of the world.
Eze 20:3 They came to God for His word but He would not hear them.
Eze 23:39 After they committed great sin they came the same day to God's house.
Eze 33:31 They came before God's true leader, heard his words but did not do them. Their mouths show much love but their hearts pursue their own gain.
Eze 33:32 The words of the man of God sounded good to them, like a lovely song, but they did not do them.
Hosea 5:4 They do not direct their deeds toward turning to God, because they do not know Him.
Hosea 6:4 Their faith was like a morning cloud or the dew that fades away quickly. Their faith was soon gone during the day.
Hosea 7:14 They did not cry out to God with their heart when they were in trouble.
Amos 5:21-24 These verses show the people were still offering sacrifices and making music to God.
Amos 8:5,6 The people were impatient during the sacred celebrations and the Sabbaths. They wanted them over so they could go back to their deceitful practices.
Zeph 1:5,6 They swore by the Lord but also followed other gods. They had turned from following God.

Those Who Lead Some Astray
Isaiah 3:12 Those who lead them caused them to err and go down the wrong paths.
Isaiah 9:15,16 The elder and the honorable who the people trust teach lies which causes them to err and be destroyed.
Jer 5:30,31 The prophets and priests tell lies and rule by their own power. The people love it though. It fits their way of life.
Jer. 6:13-15 The prophet and the priest dealt falsely. They told lies and were not ashamed.
Jer. 7:4 The priests told them they were of God.
Jer. 7:8 They trusted in lying words.
Jer. 8:8 They thought the law of God was followed by them, but the scribes were changing words in the law to make everyone right before God.
Jer8:10 Everyone is covetous, from the prophet to the priest.
Jer 10:21 The shepherds of the people had become dull-hearted. The flock will be scattered.
Jer 14:14 The prophets were saying deceitful things out of their own heart.
Jer 23:16,17 The prophets made up their own words to tell the people. They told everyone who walked according to the dictates of their own heart that no evil would come upon them.
Micah 3:5 The prophets spoke good prophecy to those who gave them something, but unfavorably to those who did not.
Micah 3:11 The head leaders and priests sought after bribes and wealth.
Micah 7:4 The most upright was like a thorn hedge.
Matt 7:15 Beware of false prophets in sheep's clothing, they are ravenous wolves.
Matt 23:15 They (the teachers and leaders) travel the land to win someone but make him twice as much a son of Gehenna (Hell) as themselves.
Matt 24:11,24 They deceive many with signs and wonders.
Matt 24:15 They are part of the "abomination of desolation" standing in the holy place.
Rom 16:18 They serve their own bellies and deceive people by their smooth words and flattering speech.
Jude 11 They have gone the way of Balaam and Korah, for profit and position.
Jude 16 They use flattery to gain advantage.


God's Judgement On False Pretense
Isaiah 1:15 God will not hear them even though they spread out their hands and make many prayers.
Isaiah 1:28 The destruction of those who know the will of God and those who don't, will be together.
Isaiah 29:15 Woe to those who think they have hid their deeds from God.
Isaiah 30:1 Woe to those who do not seek counsel from God and to those whose plans are not of the Spirit of God.
Jer 4:9 The hearts of the priests and prophets will be astonished and bewildered.
Jer 5:25 All blessings will be turned away from them because of their sins.
Jer 6:15 The priests and the prophets will fall with the sinners because they were not ashamed when they sinned.
Jer 14:12 The leaders will be destroyed by various ways.
Jer 14:16 The followers of the leaders will be destroyed in various ways.
Jer 17:5,6  Cursed is the man who trusts in man and in his own strength, whose heart departs from the Lord. He shall not see good.
Eze 23:35 They shall bear their penalty for departing from the Lord.
Hosea 2:11 God will cause all their Sabbaths and sacred celebrations to end.
Hosea 2:13 God will punish His people for forgetting Him.
Hosea 5:6 God will withdraw Himself from them when they seek Him.
Hosea 7:13 Destruction to them because they have sinned against God.
Amos 6:1 Woe to those who trust in the temple and the leaders of the temple! 
Micah 3:4 God will hide His face from them and not listen to them because of their evil deeds.
Micah 7:4 God will punish the watchman (the leader) and the others. Their day will come.
Zeph 1:12 God will punish those who are complacent in their heart.
Mal 2:12 The evil doer who knows what he is doing, yet comes before the Lord, will be cut off.
Rev 3:16 God will spew them out of His mouth because they are lukewarm.

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