1. Micah prophesied before the captivity of Israel and Judah during the days of King Jotham, King Ahaz, and King Hezekiah.
  2. They gained wealth from dishonest means while thinking it was from other gods.


  1. Disaster will come upon them from God.
  2. No, the people considered the prophets to just be 'prattling'.
  3. Those who told them things they wanted to hear, who told them everything was well.
  4. a. Jesus. b. The Lord God.


  1. God will turn His face away from us and will not be help to us when trouble comes.
  2. The word of God will not be available to the people.
  3. a. The Spirit of the Lord gives us power. b. By this power we are to uphold justice and declare transgression when necessary.
  4. The leaders took bribes and the priests and prophets worked for wealth.


  1. a. In the time when Jesus is crucified. b. The mountain is the Kingdom of God which will be the believers, the church.
  2. a. Jerusalem. b. In Jerusalem the church will begin.
  3. The kingdom of believers in Jesus, the church.


  1. a. Jesus comes out of Bethlehem. b. He has existed since the beginning with God. c. Jesus will shepherd His flock and bring peace. d. Jesus worked by the Spirit and strength of God.
  2. The surrounding nations will be plucked up and thrown down. They will not be an influence to Israel any longer.


  1. God wanted them to remember how He helped them in all their adversities.
  2. He wants us to be just and merciful to all people and to know our place with Him. He wants our hearts to be righteous, kind, and for us to be obedient to Him.


  1. Here Micah declares that though Israel be desolated yet God will help His people and return them to their land. The nations will witness and know that God is with Israel. As believers, God's Spirit speaks to our hearts to show us our sin and to point us back to righteousness. Though we fall God can and will pick us up.