(Updated 2/2013)


  1. From what line of Jacob was Jesus?
  2. How many generations were there from the time of Israel’s captivity by Babylon until Jesus?
  3. Why did Joseph want to hide Mary?
  4. What is the meaning of the name "Jesus"?
  5. How would God be with the people again?
  6. When did Mary's husband lie with her as his wife?


  1. Where did the wise men find Jesus in Bethlehem?
  2. Where was Jesus to be born?
  3. What did an angel warn Joseph in a dream?
  4. How did Herod seek to destroy Jesus when he heard the king was born?
  5. After Herod died, where did Joseph move his family?
  6. How is it that Rachel weeps for her children even though she is not alive?


  1. Who was John the Baptist?
  2. What did John eat in the wilderness?
  3. What was John the Baptist's message?
  4. Who did John the Baptist accuse of fleeing the wrath of God?
  5. a. What did John tell the Sadducees they must do if they are repentant? b. Does this apply to us also?
  6. What is fruit worthy of repentance?
  7. How is the ax already laid at the root of the trees?
  8. What did John say is going to happen to those who do not bear fruit?
  9. a. What is the Holy Spirit and fire we are baptized with? b. How are we baptized with fire?
  10. What do the wheat and the chaff that is cleaned on the threshing floor represent?
  11. Why did Jesus have to be baptized by John?
  12. Who spoke from heaven when Jesus was baptized?


  1. After his baptism, how many days did Jesus fast in the wilderness?
  2. What did Satan try to tempt Jesus into doing while in the wilderness?
  3. What did Jesus mean when He said we must live by every word of God?
  4. Why must we not tempt God?
  5. Who were Jesus' first disciples?
  6. What was Jesus' message to the people?


  1. a. Who are the poor in spirit? b. Who are those who mourn? c. Who are the meek? d. Who are those who thirst for righteousness? e. Who are the merciful? f. Who are the pure in heart? g. Who are the peacemakers? h. Who are the persecuted and reviled?
  2. What should we do when we are persecuted for God's sake?
  3. a. Why are we the salt of the earth? b. What will happen if we lose our flavor?
  4. a. How are we the light of the world? b. What are we to do with the light?
  5. Are the commandments of God still in effect?
  6. What will enter us into the kingdom of heaven?
  7. a. What are we to do before we come before God? b. How would we be in danger of hell fire concerning our brother?
  8. Why should we resolve our conflicts before we go to a third party?
  9. What is Jesus' message about sin?
  10. What do you cause a person to do if you divorce them for any other reason except unfaithfulness?
  11. a. How are we to swear our oaths to the Lord? b. Why can we not swear by anything else?
  12. What does "turn the other cheek" mean?
  13. For whom are we to do good and pray?


  1. How should we handle our charitable deeds?
  2. Who rewards you for your charitable deeds?
  3. Where and how are we to pray to the Father?
  4. What should be the basic content of our prayer to the Father?
  5. What must we do to receive forgiveness from God?
  6. How should we fast?
  7. What kind of treasure should we lay up for ourselves?
  8. How is your eye the lamp of your body?
  9. Can you serve God and money at the same time?
  10. Who should we turn to provide our food and clothing?


  1. How should we judge someone?
  2. What should we look at first before judging our brother?
  3. How can you help your brother remove the speck from his eye?
  4. Why do we not cast what is holy to the dogs or swine?
  5. What do we do to receive anything from God?
  6. a. Why is the gate that leads to life narrow and difficult? b. How many will come through the narrow gate?
  7. Who are the false prophets in sheep clothing?
  8. How can we know a bad tree?
  9. a. Why would many who had done work for God not enter into Heaven? b. How can they do miracles and speak the word?
  10. Who is secure for Heaven?


  1. Why did Jesus send the healed leper to the priest?
  2. a. Who were the people from the east and west who would sit with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? b. Who were the sons who would be cast out?
  3. What dead bury the dead?
  4. Why did the disciples have little faith during the storm on the boat?
  5. a. Did the demon possessed men know Jesus? b. Do the demons know what their end is to be? c. What did Jesus do to the demons?


  1. Why did Jesus tell the paralyzed man to rise and walk?
  2. Why did Jesus not come to save the righteous?
  3. What does Jesus’ analogy of the cloth and the wineskins mean?
  4. What healed the woman with the flow of blood?
  5. What healed the two blind men?
  6. What did Jesus ask His disciples to pray for?


  1. How did the disciples have power to heal?
  2. Who did Jesus send His disciples to first?
  3. If a household or city would not receive their words, what were the disciples to do?
  4. Why would it be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in the Day of Judgment than for the Israelites?
  5. How will we speak in times of trials and persecutions?
  6. What will not be covered or hidden?
  7. Whom should we fear when preaching the word?
  8. How do we confess Jesus before men?
  9. a. How do we deny Jesus before men? b. What happens to us if we deny Jesus?
  10. a. What is the sword that Jesus brought? b. How does it cause division in families?
  11. How do we take up our cross and follow Jesus?
  12. Who do we receive if we accept a disciple of Christ?


  1. How did John the Baptist prepare the way before Jesus?
  2. Why was John not as great as the least one in heaven?
  3. How does the kingdom of heaven suffer violence?
  4. How is John the Elijah that was to come?
  5. What did Jesus say about this generation's attitude?
  6. Why will it be more tolerable for Sodom than Israel in the Day of Judgment?
  7. Why are the Lord's yoke easy and His burden light?


  1. How did the priests profane the Sabbath?
  2. What work is permissible on the Sabbath?
  3. Who did Jesus heal on the Sabbath?
  4. What does the prophecy of Isaiah tell us about Jesus?
  5. What was the unpardonable sin?
  6. From what source will your mouth speak?
  7. What will words you speak do for you?
  8. How was Jesus in the earth for three days and three nights?
  9. What does Jesus say about an unclean spirit that returns to a person?
  10. Who are Jesus’ brothers, sisters, and mother?


  1. Explain "Whoever has, to him more will be given"?
  2. How do the people see and hear but do not accept the word of God?
  3. Explain each type of person represented by the seed: a. The seed by the wayside. b. The seed in stony places. c. The seed among thorns. d. The seed on good ground.
  4. Why would the tares not be uprooted before the wheat was gathered?
  5. How is the Kingdom of Heaven like a mustard seed?
  6. How is the Kingdom of Heaven like leaven (yeast)?
  7. How is the Kingdom of Heaven like a treasure in a field?
  8. How is the Kingdom of Heaven like the merchant seeking the pearl?
  9. Who is coming to gather the good vessels?
  10. Who is the householder who brings out old and new treasures?
  11. Did Jesus have any family?


  1. Who asked for John the Baptist's head on a platter?
  2. a. How many people did Jesus feed with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish? b. How much was left over?
  3. a. Who walked on water to meet Jesus? b. Why did he fail?


  1. How were the Pharisees incorrectly teaching the people about their money?
  2. How can your mouth defile you?
  3. Who are the dogs to whom Jesus refers?
  4. a. What did the woman want Jesus to do for her? b. Why was it done?
  5. a. How many people did Jesus feed the second time? b. How many loaves of bread and fish did he start with? c. How much was left over?


  1. What leaven did Jesus warn His disciples to beware?
  2. With what rock would the church be built?
  3. If you become a rock what will have no power over you?
  4. What are the keys to the kingdom of heaven?
  5. a. What is bound in heaven? b. What is loosed in heaven?
  6. Why did Jesus refer to Peter as Satan?
  7. How do we lose our life for Jesus?
  8. What death will some not taste till they see the kingdom?


  1. a. Who went with Jesus to the high mountain? b. Who did they see speaking to Jesus? c. Who spoke to them from heaven? d. What did this vision symbolize?
  2. How is John the Elijah who was to come before the day of Jesus?
  3. Why could the disciples not heal the epileptic boy?
  4. a. Why should Jesus not have to pay the temple tax? b. Where did Peter find money to pay the tax? c. What does this show that God will do for the saints?


  1. a. How do we become as little children in the kingdom? b. Who becomes great in the kingdom of heaven?
  2. Who do the little children represent?
  3. Why is it better to go through life "maimed" or "lame" than to keep sinning?
  4. What is the meaning of the parable of the lost sheep?
  5. How do we handle a brother who has sinned against us?
  6. What binds our decision concerning our brother?
  7. How many times should we forgive someone who asks for forgiveness?
  8. If we do not forgive someone, who will not forgive us?
  9. What is the meaning of the parable of the unforgiving servant?


  1. a. Why did Moses allow divorce? b. What is the only reason we should be able to divorce?
  2. a. What did Jesus know about the rich, young ruler? b. In this state, could he enter the kingdom of heaven? c. In what way could the rich young ruler find salvation?
  3. What did Jesus mean by "many who are first will be last and the last first"?


  1. What is the message of the parable of the vineyard workers?
  2. What two disciples did a mother ask Jesus to sit on the right hand and left hand of His throne?
  3. How did Jesus say we could become great?
  4. Who did Jesus heal when He left Jericho?


  1. Which did Jesus ride on into Jerusalem, the donkey or the colt?
  2. Why did Jesus clean out the temple?
  3. What lesson for us was shown by the fig tree that withered?
  4. Why did the priests not answer Jesus truthfully about John's baptism?
  5. In the parable of the two sons, who are the two sons?
  6. Explain the parable of the vinedressers.
  7. How would the stone break or crush someone?


  1. What does the parable of the wedding feast represent?
  2. a. In the parable of the wedding feast, why are both the good and the bad invited to the feast? b. How will God know the difference?
  3. Why did the Pharisees and Sadducees keep questioning Jesus?
  4. Why is God the God of the living?
  5. Why did Jesus question the Pharisees about the Christ?


  1. How did Jesus describe the Pharisees and Sadducees?
  2. Who are we to call Father?
  3. How would the sons of the forefathers measure up to them?
  4. What did Jesus predict the Jews would do to the people he would send to them?


  1. What did Jesus predict would happen to the temple in Jerusalem?
  2. What are some signs of the end time?
  3. How would the love of many grow cold?
  4. a. What is the abomination of desolation? b. What should the Jews do when this happens?
  5. Why may it be worse during winter, the Sabbath, and for those pregnant and nursing babies in those days?
  6. What can we expect of Jesus’ return?
  7. Who are the carcasses and the vultures?
  8. Will we be able to see the signs of the end?
  9. What will people be doing at the end of the age?
  10. What is lesson of the parable of the faithful and evil servant?


  1. a. Who are the wise virgins? b. Who are the foolish virgins? c. What does the oil represent in the lamps?
  2. a. In the parable of the talents, who are the servants? b. What do the ‘talents’ represent? c. What will happen to the person who does not use his ‘talent’?
  3. What is it someone has and more will be given or taken away?
  4. What does God expect us to do for others?
  5. How can the righteous help or serve the Lord?


  1. Who poured fragrant oil on the head of Jesus?
  2. What did Judas Iscariot receive for betraying Jesus?
  3. a. At the Lord's Supper, what did the bread represent? b. What did the wine represent?
  4. What did Jesus predict Peter would do before the rooster crowed?
  5. What does Jesus show us about repeated prayer?
  6. What happened to a servant of the high priest?
  7. How strongly did Peter deny knowing Jesus?


  1. Why was Judas still lost even after being remorseful for what he had done?
  2. Before whom was Jesus brought for questioning?
  3. a. What did Pilate's wife advise him of Jesus? b. What did Pilate do?
  4. Who was compelled to carry Jesus' cross?
  5. Why was the ‘sour wine’ given to Jesus?
  6. Why did Jesus feel that God had forsaken Him?
  7. What happened in the temple when Jesus died? What did this signify?
  8. a. What happened during the earthquake? b. Why did this happen?
  9. What day was Jesus questioned and crucified?
  10. a. What did the Pharisees and chief priests ask Pilate to do at the tomb of Jesus? b. Why did they request this?


  1. What day did the two Mary’s find that Jesus had risen from the tomb?
  2. How many days did Jesus suffer, die, and then rise from the tomb?
  3. How was the tomb of Jesus opened?
  4. When the chief priests found out that Jesus had been resurrected, what did they do?
  5. What is baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?