(Updated 3/2013)



  1. a. Who prepared the way for Jesus? b. How did he prepare the way for the Lord? c. How are the paths made straight?
  2. a. What did John the Baptist wear? b. What did he eat?
  3. How was John's baptism of water different from Jesus' baptism of fire?
  4. Who recognized Jesus in the healing of the unclean man?
  5. What relative of Peter did Jesus heal?
  6. Why did Jesus send the healed leper to the priests?


  1. Who was let in through a roof to see Jesus?
  2. a. Why did the scribes not accept Jesus' ability to forgive sins? b. What did Jesus do about this?
  3. What did Jesus teach about fasting?
  4. What did Jesus teach about the Sabbath?


  1. What did the unclean spirits call Jesus?
  2. What name did Jesus give to James and John and what does it mean?
  3. Who is the strong man and what house does Jesus bind?
  4. What blasphemies will be forgiven?
  5. a. What blasphemy will never be forgiven? b. Explain what this means.
  6. How is everyone our brother, sister, or mother?


  1. Who is represented by each type of seed in the parable of the sower? a. The seed by the wayside. b. The seed on shallow ground. c. The seed among thorns. d. The seed on good ground.
  2. What are we to do with the Word?
  3. What is not hidden that will be revealed?
  4. a. With what measure will we receive understanding of God's word? b. What is taken away from those who do not seek to understand God's word?
  5. How does the word of God develop in you?
  6. How is the Kingdom of Heaven like a mustard seed?
  7. What will we find in the kingdom when it grows to maturity?



  1. a. What was the name of the demon in the possessed man? b. What did the demon want Jesus to let him do? c. How many demons were in the possessed man?
  2. What was a woman healed of who touched the garment of Jesus?
  3. a. Whose daughter did Jesus raise from the dead? b. Why did Jesus tell them to tell no one about this?


  1. Why did Jesus do no mighty miracles in his home town?
  2. Who asked for John the Baptist’s death?
  3. How many people did Jesus feed with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish?
  4. Why did Jesus almost pass the disciples by in the boat?
  5. How were the disciples’ hearts hardened?


  1. Who are we to take care of first with our money?
  2. Why does food not make you unclean?
  3. What makes us unclean?
  4. What is the difference between the purging of food and the purging of the heart?
  5. Why was Jesus not willing to help the Phoenician woman at first?


  1. a. How many people did Jesus feed with the seven loaves of bread? b. How many baskets of fragments were left over?
  2. What leaven did Jesus tell His disciples to beware?
  3. How is the healing of the blind man similar to the healing of a sinner?
  4. Why did Jesus tell His disciples to tell no one that He was the Christ?
  5. Why did Jesus regard Satan when He rebuked Peter?
  6. How do you deny yourself and take up your cross?
  7. Why does it not profit you to gain the whole world?
  8. How can we be ashamed of Jesus and His words?


  1. Why would some not taste death until they see the kingdom of God?
  2. a. Which disciples were with Jesus when He was transfigured on the mountain? b. Who spoke to them while on the mountain? c. What did this vision symbolize?
  3. a. How has Elijah already come? b. How has he restored all things?
  4. Why could the disciples not heal the epileptic boy?
  5. What does it mean to put you first?
  6. How do you become first in God's eyes?
  7. Why is it better to be maimed than to live in sin?
  8. a. What is the fire that we are seasoned with? b. How does our salt lose its flavor?


  1. What commandment is broken when someone re-marries after a divorce?
  2. How are we like children in the kingdom of God?
  3. Why did the rich ruler go away sorrowful at the words of Jesus?
  4. a. What will we receive in this life when we follow Jesus and the gospel? b. What will we receive in the life to come?
  5. What cup and baptism would the disciples receive?
  6. How can you become first?


  1. On what did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?
  2. What did the people spread on the ground for Jesus?
  3. a. What happened to a fig tree that Jesus cursed? b. What lesson can we take from this?
  4. Why did Jesus run the merchants out of the temple?


  1. a. In the parable of the vinedressers, who are the vinedressers? b. Who are the servants that were sent? c. Who was the son? d. Who would be given the vineyard?
  2. How is Jesus the chief cornerstone?
  3. Should we pay our taxes?
  4. How is God the God of the living?
  5. Why was the scribe not far from the kingdom of God?
  6. How was the Christ the Lord and Son of David?


  1. What did Jesus predict would happen to the temple in Jerusalem?
  2. Why will we be hated by some people?
  3. a. What must we endure to be saved? b. What happens if you don't endure these things?
  4. What is the abomination that stands where it should not?
  5. What were the Jews to do when they saw this abomination?
  6. Why will God shorten this time of tribulation?
  7. Who knows the time of the end?
  8. How do we stay ready for the return of Jesus?


  1. What was Jesus anointed with at Bethany? Who anointed Him?
  2. Who would betray Jesus?
  3. At the Lord's Supper, what did the bread and the wine represent?
  4. What would Peter do before the night was over?
  5. What conditions may cause us to fall to temptation?


  1. Who was released instead of Jesus and what was his crime?
  2. How was Jesus treated by the people?
  3. Why was the wine and myrrh given to Jesus?
  4. a. What tore when Jesus died on the cross? b. What did this symbolize?
  5. Why did the centurion believe that Jesus was the Son of God?
  6. On what day did Jesus die?


  1. On what day did the two women discover Jesus was raised from the tomb?
  2. How many days did Jesus suffer and die and then was raised?
  3. Who did the women see in the tomb?