1. a. They were not offering their best to God. They used blemished animals for the sacrifices and did not regard the Lord's table with respect. b. When we do not give our best through our talent, skill, and effort against sin and in service to God we dishonor God.
  2. God's name is to be highly regarded with much honor. They were not honoring Him by their contemptible sacrifices.


  1. a. The priests were the messenger for God. b. Knowledge of God and the law should be in him for the people.
  2. They had departed from the law and had caused people to fall into sin.
  3. They had married foreign women and accepted their gods. They also fell to the sin of divorcing their wives.
  4. They said God was not just because the wicked were blessed and went unpunished in the sight of God. This ignorance and unbelief wearied God.


  1. John the Baptist was the messenger.
  2. Jesus was the Lord or king or ruler whom they waited on to save them from their enemies.
  3. The priests corrupted the sacrifices by the blemished offerings and they held back for their own use many of the offerings.
  4. Those who fear the Lord and knew He would be just against the evil doers in due time.


  1. Through the gospels we learn that it was John the Baptist who came in the spirit of Elijah. (Matt. 11:14).
  2. That day is the time at the end when God will judge all people. The spirit of Elijah returned to prepare the people for salvation. John the Baptist came to prepare the way for the messenger of the new covenant -  Jesus.