Chapter 1


  1. Jerusalem became a slave to Babylon.
  2. Because of multiple transgressions Jerusalem was taken into captivity.
  3. The Lord allowed all to happen to them.
  4. No one came to help Jerusalem. All her neighbors had become adversaries.


Chapter 2


  1. The prophets gave false prophecies and other delusions.
  2. Jeremiah urged the people to cry out to the Lord and pour out their hearts so perhaps He would show mercy to them and their children.


Chapter 3


  1. The prophet believed the Lord was merciful and compassionate and would not cast His people off forever.
  2. The people should examine their ways that brought this captivity upon them. They should repent of their sins and turn their hearts and hands back to the Lord.
  3. The prophet asked the Lord to repay their enemies and destroy them.


Chapter 4


  1. Sodom fell in one day. Jerusalem was besieged for several weeks causing starvation to set in among the people.
  2. Edom the relative of Judah from Esau and Ishmael would suffer punishment too.


Chapter 5


  1. The prophet asks the Lord for mercy and not to forget His people. Turn them back and restore them unless He has completely rejected His people.