1. We are never to reproach those in authority especially of religious authority or any former saint from the past.
  2. God handles all rebuke and reproach. If ever chance befalls us to encounter beings from the spirit world we must call on God to rebuke them.
  3. They have called themselves teachers of the word, but they primarily pursue wealth and gain as Balaam did.
  4. Some teach only because they want the recognition or status above others as Korah and his company did (Nu. 16:1-3; 9,10;31-35).
  5. a. Those who go the way of Balaam and Korah - they take positions as teachers and leaders to the saints but they do it for gain and status. b. They are doomed to darkness forever.
  6. We stay in God’s grace by obedience to His will and by praying in the Spirit (with our heart and mind).