Updated 9/2013



  1. What is the "Word"?
  2. a. Who is the "He" in verse 2? b. Who created all things?
  3. What does 'in Him was life' mean?
  4. How does His life become the light of men?
  5. How did the darkness not comprehend the light?
  6. What was the purpose of John's witness of the light?
  7. How are we born of the will of God?
  8. What word dwelt among us?
  9. a. Has anyone seen God at any time? b. How has God been seen?
  10. Who was a disciple of John that became an apostle of Jesus?
  11. What did Nathanael call Jesus?
  12. How was heaven opened and the angels descending and ascending upon Jesus?


  1. a. What did Jesus' mother want Him to do at the wedding? b. What did Jesus answer her? c. Why did Jesus' mother tell the servants to do whatever Jesus said?
  2. Why did Jesus throw the people out of the temple?
  3. Of what temple was Jesus referring to when He said he would raise the temple in three days?


  1. a. What advice did Nicodemus receive from Jesus? b. What does this advice mean to us?
  2. What do we believe to have eternal life?
  3. How is one condemned already who does not believe?
  4. a. Who is the bride that John the Baptist refers to? b. Who is the bridegroom? c. Who is the friend?
  5. What did God give to Jesus without limit?


  1. Why did the Jews avoid the Samaritans?
  2. What is the gift of God?
  3. What is the living water?
  4. How does the water become a fountain that springs up into everlasting life?
  5. How does God want us to worship Him?
  6. Why were the apostles reaping where they had not sown?
  7. What was unique about Jesus healing the nobleman's son in Capernaum?


  1. What miracle did Jesus do in Jerusalem?
  2. Why did Jesus tell the healed man to sin no more?
  3. What kind of life does Jesus provide?
  4. How did Jesus have life in Himself?
  5. How did Jesus know that the people did not have the love of God in them?
  6. How would Moses accuse the people to the Father?


  1. a. How many people did Jesus feed at the Sea of Galilee? b. How much food did he start out with? c. How much food was left over?
  2. What sign did Jesus surprise His disciples with next?
  3. For what were the people seeking Jesus?
  4. What did Jesus want the people to seek?
  5. Who would the Father give to the Son?
  6. When will believers be raised up?
  7. Why did Jesus say no one has seen the Father?
  8. How will we live because of Jesus?


  1. Why did Jesus' brothers tell him to go to Judea?
  2. Who stood up for Jesus at the feast?
  3. From whom did Jesus speak His doctrine?
  4. What did Jesus want the Jews to understand about His healing the man on the Sabbath?
  5. Who spoke up to help Jesus receive justice?


  1. How did the Father bear witness of Jesus?
  2. How do we ensure we are a disciple of Jesus?
  3. How can the truth set you free?
  4. If the Jews were Abraham's children, what should they be doing?
  5. How did Abraham see the day of Jesus?
  6. What revelation did Jesus make known about He and Abraham?


  1. Why was the man whom Jesus healed born blind?
  2. What night is coming that no one can work?
  3. Who does God hear?
  4. Why was the healed man surprised at the Jews who questioned Him?
  5. Why were the Pharisees accused of being in sin?


  1. Which sheep know the voice of the shepherd?
  2. What other sheep must Jesus bring with Him?
  3. What power did Jesus have concerning His life?
  4. How are Jesus and the Father one?
  5. Who was referred to as gods in the law?


  1. Why was Jesus not afraid to go to Judea?
  2. When did Martha believe that her brother would live again?
  3. Why did Jesus pray to the Father before the people at Lazarus' tomb?
  4. What motivated the Pharisees and priests to kill Jesus?
  5. What did Caiaphas fear concerning Jesus?
  6. What did Caiaphas reason in plotting to kill Jesus?


  1. a. What did Mary do for Jesus using costly oil? b. What was the value of this oil? c. What upset Judas Iscariot about what Mary did?
  2. Why did the chief priests want to kill Lazarus also?
  3. How do we love and lose our life or hate and save our life?
  4. What judgment of this world and its prince had come?
  5. Why did some of the rulers believe in Jesus but not want to confess Him?
  6. How could you see the Father when you saw Jesus?
  7. What will judge us at the last day?
  8. What was the word?


  1. Why did Jesus wash the disciples’ feet?
  2. How are the disciples already clean?
  3. Who did Jesus identify as His betrayer?
  4. How was God going to glorify Jesus?
  5. How would people know that we are a disciple of Christ?
  6. What would Peter do before the rooster crowed?


  1. Why should the disciples know where Jesus was going and how they would get there?
  2. How should the disciples have known the Father?
  3. If we love Jesus, what must we do?
  4. What will we receive to follow and obey the commandments?
  5. How did the disciples already know the Holy Spirit?
  6. Why would the disciples believe Jesus was in the Father?
  7. How are we in Jesus?
  8. What will the Holy Spirit do for us?


  1. a. Who is the vine? b. Who is the vinedresser? c. Who are the branches?
  2. a. Why does the vinedresser prune the branch? b. How does God prune us?
  3. What fruit are we to produce?
  4. What happens to those not producing fruit?
  5. a. What does abide in Jesus mean? b. Why can’t we produce fruit unless we abide in Jesus?
  6. How is the Father glorified in us?
  7. How do we abide in the love and grace of Jesus?
  8. Why will believers be persecuted?
  9. What sin would the people not have if Jesus had not come?
  10. a. How does the Spirit testify of Jesus? b. How do we testify of Jesus?


  1. Why would the Spirit not come until Jesus had departed?
  2. What was the advantage of the coming of the Spirit over the presence of Jesus?
  3. a. What sin will the Spirit show us? b. What righteousness? c. What judgment?
  4. How will the Spirit speak what He hears?
  5. What things of the Father belong to Jesus?
  6. Why would the disciples not ask of Jesus anything?
  7. How will the Father be revealed plainly to us?


  1. a. How would the Son be glorified? b. How would the Father be glorified by the Son?
  2. What is eternal life?
  3. Who is the true God?
  4. What glory did Jesus ask of the Father?
  5. Who were those the Father gave to Jesus?
  6. How did Jesus keep the disciples in His Father's name?
  7. What sanctifies us?
  8. How did Jesus sanctify himself?
  9. How are we and Jesus one with the Father?


  1. What did Peter do to the high priest's servant?
  2. a. What did Peter answer when questioned if he was a disciple of Jesus? b. What happened after he did this the third time?
  3. Who was released to the people according to their custom at Passover?


  1. Who allowed Pilate to crucify Jesus?
  2. a. What sign did Pilate put on the cross? b. What did the Jews want on the sign? c. What was Pilate's attitude towards their suggestion?
  3. What instruction did Jesus give concerning His mother?
  4. On what day was Jesus crucified?


  1. Who discovered the empty tomb of Jesus?
  2. What day was Jesus discovered gone from the tomb?
  3. How many days and nights did Jesus suffer, die, and then rise from the grave?
  4. a. What two disciples ran to Jesus tomb? b. Who got there first? c. Who went in first?
  5. When Mary first saw Jesus, did she recognize Him?
  6. Who doubted Jesus' resurrection?
  7. Why did Thomas call Jesus his God?


  1. What did Peter and the disciples do after Jesus was resurrected?
  2. Why did Jesus ask Peter if he loved Him more than once?
  3. What would happen to Peter later in life?