Updated 11/2015

Chapter 1

  1. How long did Jeremiah receive the word of the Lord?
  2. How did God know Jeremiah before he was born?
  3. What did the almond tree represent?
  4. What did the boiling pot represent?

Chapter 2

  1. What had Israel done that even the nations of Cyprus and Kedar had not done?
  2. Who did Israel turn to for help?
  3. Who did Israel not fear anymore?
  4. When will Israel call on God?

Chapter 3

  1. How did the people have a harlot's forehead?
  2. How was Israel more righteous than Judah?
  3. What will God do for those who put away the evil and return to Him?

Chapter 4

1.      Who is the lion or the disaster from the north?

2.      What causes calamity to come upon us?

3.      With what is the coming desolation of Judah compared?

Chapter 5

  1. What will open our eyes and ears to understanding God?
  2. When calamity befalls us what should we look for in understanding why?
  3. What horrible thing were the priests and scribes doing?

Chapter 6

  1. How were the people uncircumcised in their ears?
  2. Why were the sacrifices and offerings of the people unwanted by God?

Chapter 7

  1. How should we change our ways to please God?
  2. What did the people do even after committing all kinds of evil?

Chapter 8

  1. What did no one in Jerusalem do?
  2. How is the pen of the scribes false?

Chapter 9

  1. Why did Jeremiah want a place in the wilderness for travelers?
  2. What wormwood would be fed to Judah?
  3. Why is the pride of man in his wisdom, might, and wealth mean nothing?

Chapter 10

  1. What habit of the Gentiles were the Jews seeking?
  2. How much power did the idols have?
  3. What will perish from the earth?
  4. Whose wound was severe?

Chapter 11

  1. How did God view His people who faithfully served Him?
  2. What tree and fruit did the people want to destroy?

Chapter 12

  1. What did Jeremiah want God to do to the people?
  2. What was God’s answer to Jeremiah?
  3. Who were the evil neighbors that God would punish?
  4. What opportunity would the surrounding nations have?

Chapter 13

  1. What did the ruined sash represent?
  2. What do the full wine bottles represent?
  3. What led to the people’s captivity?

Chapter 14

  1. Why is God the Hope of Israel?
  2. How were the prophets lying to the people?

Chapter 15

  1. What four forms of destruction would come upon Judah?
  2. How would death, famine, the sword, and captivity come upon the people?
  3. What was God’s message to Jeremiah’s self-pity?

Chapter 16

  1. Why did God bring disaster on His people?
  2. How are these people worse than their forefathers?
  3. Who are the fishermen and hunters who would be sent to Israel?
  4. Who would come to know God is real during Israel's captivity?

Chapter 17

  1. What will happen to a man who trust in his own strength or in the help of man?
  2. What will happen to those who trust in the Lord?
  3. What work should be done on the Sabbath?

Chapter 18

  1. What is the significance of the potter and the clay?
  2. What will God do when a nation repents of their evil ways?
  3. How did the people attack Jeremiah?

Chapter 19

  1. What did the broken flask represent?
  2. What will the people eat in their desperation to survive the siege that will come upon them?

Chapter 20

  1. What would happen to Pashhur?

Chapter 21

  1. What message was delivered concerning Jerusalem?
  2. What message was sent to the house of the king of Judah?

Chapter 22

  1. What was a sign of a king who knew God?
  2. When were the messages delivered concerning the sons of King Josiah?

Chapter 23

  1. Who is the branch of righteousness that would reign in Judah and all Israel?
  2. Who made the people worthless before God?
  3. What oracle of the Lord was to be given to the people, prophets, and priests?

Chapter 24

  1. Who are the good figs and bad figs?
  2. What hope does God have between the good and bad figs?

Chapter 25

  1. How long would the people be in captivity?
  2. What is God's word to the nations around His people?

Chapter 26

  1. Why did the people want to kill Jeremiah at the house of the Lord?
  2. Who helped save Jeremiah from harm?

Chapter 27

  1. How many generations of the King of Babylon would rule over Judah during their captivity?
  2. What would happen to Babylon after God's appointed time?
  3. What will happen to the rest of the vessels in the city, the king’s house, and the house of the Lord?

Chapter 28

  1. What was Hananiah's prophecy of the captives and the Lord's vessels?
  2. What is the sign of a true prophet?
  3. What happened to Hananiah?

Chapter 29

  1. How did Jeremiah's letter get to the captives at Babylon?
  2. What did Jeremiah write to the captives in Babylon?
  3. How would the captives in Babylon find God again?
  4. What did Shemaiah write about Jeremiah?
  5. What would happen to Shemaiah in Babylon?

Chapter 30

  1. Why did Jeremiah write a book?

Chapter 31

  1. How would God cause His people to walk straight paths?
  2. How did God ransom and redeem Israel from the enemy?
  3. Why is Rachel weeping?
  4. How did God put His law into our heart and mind?

Chapter 32

  1. Why had King Zedekiah put Jeremiah in prison?
  2. What was the purpose of Jeremiah buying a field even though the city was under siege?

Chapter 33

  1. What will be restored to Jerusalem in the future?
  2. Who is the Branch of Righteousness to save Israel?

Chapter 34

  1. What would happen to King Zedekiah?
  2. What law did King Zedekiah seek to obey?

Chapter 35

  1. Who were the Rechabites?
  2. What did God want the people to understand through the example of the Rechabites?

Chapter 36

  1. What did God hope the people would do when they heard the words of Jeremiah written by Baruch?
  2. What did King Jehoiakim do with the scroll?

Chapter 37

  1. Where was Jeremiah first imprisoned?
  2. Where was Jeremiah moved?

Chapter 38

  1. Where did the princes of the King of Judah have Jeremiah confined?
  2. Who helped Jeremiah out of his place of confinement?
  3. Why did Zedekiah want his conversation with Jeremiah to be kept secret?

Chapter 39

  1. What happened to Zedekiah and his sons?
  2. What happened to the poor people?
  3. What happened to Jeremiah?
  4. What happened to Ebed-Melech?

Chapter 40

  1. Who was put in charge of the remnant of Judah by the king of Babylon?
  2. What warning was given to Gedeliah?

Chapter 41

  1. Who did Ishmael kill?
  2. How many men from Shiloh did Ishmael kill?
  3. Who rescued the remnant of Judah from the hands of Ishmael?
  4. Why were Johanan and the captains of the forces afraid to go back to Jerusalem?

Chapter 42

  1. What word was the rescued remnant given?
  2. How were the people hypocrites?

Chapter 43

  1. Where did Johanan and the people of Judah choose to dwell?

Chapter 44

  1. What did the remnant begin to do in the land in which they dwelt?

Chapter 45

  1. What blessing did God put upon Baruch?

Chapter 46

  1. What is the irony of the remnant of Judah going to Egypt?

Chapter 47

  1. Who are the waters that will rise out of the north?
  2. Who are they going to plunder?
  3. When will Babylon rest?

Chapter 48

  1. What caused Moab to fall?

Chapter 49

1.      What cities and nations would suffer God’s punishment?

Chapter 50

  1. Why is Babylon to fall to the wrath of God?
  2. What was to happen to Babylon?
  3. What lions scattered Israel?

Chapter 51

  1. How do we spiritually flee from Babylon?
  2. Why is Babylon a destroying mountain?
  3. What nation was to come against Babylon?
  4. What would happen when the sea and the springs of Babylon dry up?
  5. Who is responsible for delivering themselves from the fierce anger of God?

Chapter 52

  1. How long was Jerusalem under siege by Babylon?
  2. What did Nebuzaradan do to the house of the Lord?
Jerusalem under siege by Babylon?
  • What did Nebuzaradan do to the house of the Lord?