1. It develops patience, maturity, and character in our walk with God.
  2. a. God liberally gives us wisdom. b. Just ask God for wisdom.
  3. a. You will not receive what you ask from God.  b. We doubt by going back and forth in our trust of God to answer prayer. We look for answers from others sometimes. We are restless and uneasy waiting for an answer to prayer. We should pray for God’s will to be done and then leave it there confident God will answer our prayer as He sees is best for us.
  4. When he understands that riches and status will fade away and that it is not as important as realizing he is a child of God. Therefore by trusting in God instead riches he will be glorified with eternal riches to come.
  5. No.
  6. When you act on unrighteous desires it becomes sin. Also, formulating a plan or indulging in thoughts for the carrying out of your desires has in affect of sin.
  7. When you do the sin, it brings death in all forms, spiritually, emotionally, and physically both temporal death and eternal death.
  8. Getting wrathful will not be righteous before God.
  9. Remove yourself from any environment or influence of sin, evil conduct, and speech.
  10. Doing or following the principles of God according to His word will save our soul. By being doers of the word you will remove yourself from all filthiness and wickedness.
  11. By thinking it is good enough just to know and hear the Word we neglect doing the principles of God. You can forget what you hear but by applying the word to your life you keep it in focus and you allow yourself to be changed by it. You deceive yourself by denying that works are necessary in our faith and therefore there is no true change in you.
  12. Our tongues, what we say and how we say it.
  13. To help widows and orphans (those who have no one to help them) or anyone in need and to keep out of sin.


  1. a. We are to treat them equally whether they are poor or rich considering ourselves also. b. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
  2. Your faith is proven by the good works that you do as you are lead by the Spirit. These works can be seen by others.
  3. a. The demons believe in God also. b. We do the will of God; they do the will of Satan.
  4. He obeyed God and resolved to sacrifice his son.
  5. We are justified not by faith only, but works must accompany our faith.


  1. A person who desires to teach the Word will be judged or give a more strict account to God and the people.
  2. We cannot bless one time and curse at another time.
  3. It is a trait from Satan.
  4. God's wisdom will bring peace, purity, and good works.


  1. a. Friendship with the world is condoning and living by the world's standards and seeking treasures on earth instead of God's standards and His treasure. b. We become enemies of God.
  2. Submit to God’s principles and resist the devil's temptations and he will flee. Resist Satan in whatever way He may approach you.
  3. We must draw near to God first. We draw near by action not merely knowledge. We must spiritually cleanse our hands and purify our hearts.
  4. We should consider the uncertainty of life and our dependence on God to provide before we boast in our plans
  5. It becomes sin to God. It is a reflection of pride and self sufficiency.


  1. The prophets, Job, and Jesus.
  2. a. By your word only. It is all that you control. b. You will be known as a hypocrite or a liar.
  3. The prayer of the righteous can heal the sick.
  4. a. A believer who falls away from God’s principles and continues in sin. b. He will lose his soul. He will not receive eternal life in heaven at the resurrection. c. Show the brother the error of his way and turn him back to God and from the sin.