Updated 7/2012


  1. When was Jesus appointed as heir?
  2. How is Jesus the expressed image of God?
  3. Who anointed who over his companions?
  4. Who laid the foundation of the world?
  5. What is the function of angels?
  6. What is the purpose of verses10-13?


  1. To what must we give earnest heed lest we drift away?
  2. What is the position of man to the angels?
  3. a. Everything is in subjection to man, but what is the one thing that is not? b. How has man overcome this?
  4. By whom are all things?
  5. Who is the captain of our salvation?
  6. Why was Jesus made like man and live as a man?


  1. a. What house did Moses lead? b. What house does Jesus lead? c. Who built the houses? d. What position did Moses and Jesus have in their respective house?
  2. How can we be part of the house of Jesus?
  3. What are we warned against?                                                                                                                      
  4. How can our hearts become hardened to God?
  5. What is "Today?"
  6. What do we learn about the meaning of "belief?"


  1. What is the rest that remains for the saints?
  2. How can we be sure to enter that rest?
  3. How is the Word of God living and powerful?
  4. Why can we come boldly to the thrown of grace?


  1. How is Jesus a priest according to the order of Melchizedek?
  2. How is Jesus the author of eternal salvation?
  3. Of whom did they have much to say?
  4. How do people qualify for solid food?


  1. a. Is it possible for someone who has partaken of the Holy Spirit and knows the Word of God to fall away? b. How is this possible? c. Why can they not be renewed to repentance? c. How do these crucify Jesus and shame Him again?
  2. What is the end of those who have rejected and shamed the Son?
  3. What did the writer of Hebrews exhort the people to do?
  4. Who are the ones who will inherit the promise?
  5. What are the two things that give us consolation about our hope?


  1. What was the purpose of comparing the tithe to Melchizedek and the tithe to the Levites?
  2. How did the Law not make anything perfect?
  3. Why is the covenant through Jesus the better one?


  1. What did the tabernacle that Moses built represent?
  2. What is the better promise of the new covenant?
  3. How did God put His laws into our hearts and minds?
  4. What does God mean by not remembering our sins anymore?


  1. When Christ gave His blood on the cross, what did He put an end to concerning the Law?
  2. What is the more perfect tabernacle?
  3. Why did Jesus have to die?
  4. What is the heavenly thing that received the better sacrifice?


  1. How do we have no conscience of sin?
  2. Why is there no longer an offering for sin?
  3. How do we enter the presence of God by a new and living way?
  4. What happens if we sin willfully?
  5. Who is the possible writer of the book of Hebrews and in what verse do you find this?
  6. When will you receive the promise from God?
  7. What does it mean to draw back from God?
  8. What will happen to those who draw back away from God?


  1. What must we have to please God?
  2. Who will God reward?
  3. What do those with diligent faith look forward to?
  4. When will those of the faith who have died receive the promise?


  1. Since we have so many examples of those who had faith, what should we do?
  2. How is Jesus the author and finisher of our faith?
  3. What does God do to us when we fall into sin?
  4. What will the chastening of the Lord produce?
  5. What must we pursue to be with the Lord?
  6. What must we be careful to not do?
  7. What blessing might we forfeit if we fall short of the grace of God?
  8. How does God speak to us now from heaven?
  9. How should we be serving God under grace?


  1. How may we have entertained angels?
  2. How is Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever?
  3. What sacrifices does God like?
  4. How does God make us complete to do His will?