Updated 5/2013



  1. Who created the heavens and the earth?
  2. What was created on: a. the first day? b. the second day? c. the third day? d. the fourth day? e. the fifth day? f. the sixth day? g. the seventh day?


  1. a. From what was the first man formed? b. From what were the animals formed?
  2. How was woman formed?
  3. Where did God place Adam?


  1. a. Of what tree were Adam and Eve not to eat? b. Who tricked them into eating of the tree?
  2. a. What curse did God put on the serpent? b. What curse did God put on the man? c. What curse did God put on the woman?
  3. Why did God place the cherubim at the east of the Garden of Eden?
  4. Why was a sword placed at the tree of life?


  1. Why wasn't Cain's offering respected by God?
  2. What did Cain do to Abel?
  3. What did God do to Cain because of this?
  4. a. Why did God's judgment worry Cain? b. What consolation did Cain receive from God?
  5. Who was born to Adam in place of Abel?


  1. Who walked with God and was taken sooner by Him?
  2. From what son of Adam was Noah?
  3. Who were Noah's sons?


  1. a. Who were the sons of God that looked on the daughters of men? b. What did they do wrong?
  2. a. How did God view the world? b. How did He feel about man at this time?
  3. a. Who did God find that was righteous? b. What did God tell him to do?
  4. What were the dimensions of the ark?
  5. a. Of the clean animals, how many were to be taken of the males and the females? b. How many of the unclean animals?


  1. How many days did it rain on the earth?
  2. How many people were on the ark?
  3. Where were the animals of the seas?


  1. How many days did the ark float on the water after the rains had stopped?
  2. How many months did it take the water to decrease to see the mountains?
  3. In which month of the year did the earth finally dry?


  1. What did God require as justice if a man was killed by another man or a beast?
  2. What symbol did God give to show he would never destroy the earth by flood again?
  3. a. What was Ham's reaction to his father being drunk and unclothed? b. What was his curse because of this?


  1. Who was the father of Cush and Canaan?


  1. a. What did the people of the land build for themselves? b. Why did they want to build this? c. What did God do about this?
  2. How many years was it after the flood to Abram's birth?
  3. Who was Lot?


  1. a. What did God tell Abram to do? b. What did He promise Abram?
  2. What land did God promise to give Abram?
  3. Why did the Lord plague Pharaoh's house?


  1. a. What problem occurred in the land because of Abram's and Lot's livestock?
  2. b. What was the solution to this problem? c. Where did Abram go? d. Where did Lot go?


  1. a. What happened to the people of the city where Lot lived? b. What did Abram do about this?
  2. a. What did Abram do with some of the spoil taken in battle? b. Before whom did he do this?
  3. a. What did the king of Sodom offer Abram? b. What was Abram's answer? Why?


  1. Who was Eliezer?
  2. What did God tell Abram concerning his descendants?
  3. a. What would first happen to Abram's descendants? b. How long would this happen?
  4. What was to be God's reward to Abram's descendants?


  1. a. By whom did Abram's wife, Sarai, tell him to have children? b. Once she conceived, how did she treat Sarai? c. What did Sarai do?
  2. What did God promise Hagar?
  3. What was Hagar's son's name?


  1. a. To what was Abram’s name changed by God? b. What does this name mean?
  2. What was the sign of the covenant between God and Abram?
  3. a. To what was Sarai renamed? b. What does this name mean?
  4. What did God promise Abraham through Sarah?


  1. a. What did Abraham see while sitting in his tent? b. Who did Abraham realize were his visitors? c. What did he call his visitors?
  2. a. What did the men tell Abraham about Sarah? b. How did Sarah answer this?
  3. a. Where were the three men ultimately going? b. What was their purpose? Why? c. What worried Abraham the most about this?


  1. a. How many of the angels went to Sodom? b. Who met them when they arrived? c. Did he understand who they were?
  2. What happened at Lot's house?
  3. What did the angels do to the men of the town?
  4. a. Who had sent the men to Sodom? b. What were they to do to Sodom?
  5. How did Lot's son-in-laws view his warning?
  6. Where did Lot and his family flee?
  7. a. Why did Lot's wife look back at Sodom? b. What happened to her?
  8. a. What did Lot's daughters plot to do to him? b. Why?
  9. Who are the descendants of Lot?


  1. Why did Abraham call Sarah his sister in Gerar?
  2. Who prevented king Abimelech from touching Sarah?
  3. After Sarah was returned to Abraham, what happened to Abimelech's household?


  1. a. What did Abraham and Sarah name their son? b. What does this name mean?
  2. What did Hagar's son, Ishmael, think of the weaned son?
  3. What did Sarah tell Abraham to do with Hagar and her son?
  4. What did God tell Hagar He would do for her son?
  5. What was Abraham's and Abimelech's covenant?


  1. Why did God tell Abraham to sacrifice his son?
  2. Who carried the wood on his back for the sacrifice?
  3. Why did God know that Abraham feared Him?
  4. What did God provide as the sacrifice?
  5. In whom would the nations be blessed?
  6. a. Who was Rebekah’s father? b. How was he related to Abraham?


  1. a. Where did Sarah die? b. Where did Abraham bury her? c. Who owned the land where she was buried? d. From what son of Noah were these people?


  1. a. Who did Abraham send to find a wife for Isaac? b. To whom did he send him?
  2. a. Who met the servant at the well? b. How did the servant know which woman would be the one sent by the Lord for Isaac?
  3. What did Rebekah do when she saw Isaac?
  4. Did Isaac love Rebekah?


  1. Where was Abraham buried?
  2. What did God tell Rebekah about the children in her womb?
  3. a. What were her children's names? b. What do their names mean?
  4. a. Who was Isaac's favorite son? b. Why?
  5. a. What did Esau trade with Jacob one day? b. What did he give up?


  1. a. Where did Isaac go at the time of the famine in the land? b. How did Isaac refer to Rebekah here? c. Who saw Isaac and Rebekah while looking through his window? d. What did he see? e. What was his reaction?
  2. What did King Abimelech tell the rich and prosperous Isaac to do?
  3. a. Who grieved Isaac and Rebekah? b. Why?


  1. a. Before Isaac died what did he want Esau to do for him? b. What did Rebekah want for Jacob? c. How did Rebekah accomplish this?
  2. What was Isaac's blessing for Jacob?
  3. What was Isaac's blessing for Esau?
  4. What did Esau resolve to do to Jacob after Isaac's death?
  5. a. Where did Rebekah send Jacob? b. What was her reason to Isaac for sending Jacob away?


  1. a. When Jacob left where did Esau go to find a wife? b. Why did he go there?
  2. a. What did Jacob dream on the way to Haran? b. What was he promised in his dream? c. What did Jacob call the place? d. What does it mean?


  1. a. How was Rachal related to Jacob? b. What was Rachal's work?
  2. What did Jacob ask from Laban as payment for his work?
  3. Whom did Laban give to Jacob in marriage?
  4. a. When did Jacob marry Rachal? b. How much longer did Jacob serve Laban?
  5. Name Leah's first four sons and the meaning of their names.


  1. a. Name Bilhah's sons and the meaning of their names. b. Name Zilpah's sons and the meaning of their names.
  2. a. What did Rachal want from Leah's son, Reuben? b. Why did she want these from Leah? c. What was the trade proposed between Rachal and Leah?
  3. Name Leah's last sons and the meaning of their names.
  4. a. What was Leah's daughter's name? b. What does it mean?
  5. a. What was Rachal's son's name? b. What does it mean? c. When was he born?
  6. Why did Laban want Jacob to stay?
  7. What did Jacob want as wages this time?
  8. a. What did Jacob use to help the livestock 'conceive' as speckled and spotted? b. Where did he place them? c. How did the livestock look?


  1. Who told Jacob to leave Laban's household?
  2. a. What did Rachal take from Laban's house? b. Where did she put it? c. Why did Laban not look there?
  3. How long had Jacob stayed with Laban?
  4. What would be the age of Jacob's oldest child at this time?


  1. Why did Jacob divide his possessions and people in two companies?
  2. Why did Jacob send gifts to Esau?
  3. a. With whom did Jacob think he had wrestled? b. What did Jacob want this man to do for him? c. What happened to Jacob's hip?
  4. What did the man mean of Jacob when he said, "You have struggled with man and God and prevailed"?


  1. Why did Jacob put Rachal and Joseph last?
  2. When Esau saw Jacob, what was his reaction to Jacob?
  3. Why did Jacob not go with Esau to Seir at the same pace?
  4. a. Where did Jacob finally pitch his tent? b. From whom did Jacob buy land?


  1. a. What did Shechem do to Dinah, Jacob's daughter? b. What did he Shechem want his father to do for him?
  2. When Jacob's sons heard about what happened to Dinah, how did they feel?
  3. a. What did Hamor propose they should do? b. What did Jacobs' sons what done first?
  4. What advantage did Hamor inform his people they would receive if they followed the conditions of Jacob's sons?
  5. a. What did Dinah's brothers do to the men of the city of Shechem? b. What was Jacob's reaction to his sons' actions?


  1. Where did God tell Jacob to go?
  2. a. To what did God change Jacob's name? b. What does this name mean?
  3. a. How did Rachel die? b. What city were Rachel and Jacob going?
  4. a. What was the name of Rachel's last son? b. What does this name mean?` c. How many sons did Rachel have?
  5. Who did Reuben lie with immorally?
  6. a. How old was Isaac upon his death? b. Who buried Isaac?


  1. a. From what land did Esau choose his wives? b. From what son of Abraham were these people?
  2. From what son of Isaac are the Amaleks (Amalekites)?


  1. a. Why did Jacob love Joseph more than his other children? b. What did he make for Joseph? c. Did Joseph's brothers like him?
  2. What did Joseph's dreams mean to his brothers?
  3. a. What did Joseph's brothers plot against him? b. Who did not want to do this to Joseph? c. What did they do to Joseph?
  4. Where did the Ishmaelites take Joseph?
  5. What did the brothers tell Jacob about Joseph?


  1. a. What happened to Judah's sons Er and Onan? b. Who did Judah promise to Tamar as a husband?
  2. Why did Tamar play the harlot with Judah?
  3. a. How many children did Tamar have? b. Did Judah ever lie with Tamar as his wife again?


  1. a. Where was Joseph taken as a slave? b. Who was his master? c. What did Joseph soon become in his master's house?
  2. a. What did Joseph's master's wife want from him? b. What was Joseph's response to her?
  3. a. What accusation did the master's wife bring against Joseph? b. Where did Joseph end up because of the accusation? c. What position did Joseph have while in prison?


  1. Who was in prison with Joseph?
  2. a. What was the meaning of the chief butler's dream? b. What was the meaning of the chief baker's dream?
  3. What did Joseph ask of the chief butler?
  4. Did any of Joseph's interpretations of dreams come true?


  1. a. How long was it after the chief butler was released that Pharaoh had his dreams? b. What was the meaning of his dreams?
  2. a. What did Joseph recommend Pharaoh do for the next few years? b. Who did Pharaoh appoint to handle Joseph's recommendation?
  3. a. How high was Joseph's position to Pharaoh? b. How old was Joseph at this time? c. How long had Joseph been a slave?


  1. a. Who was left behind while Joseph's ten brothers went to Egypt? b. Why?
  2. What was Joseph's official title in the land of Egypt?
  3. a. When Joseph saw his brothers, did he recognize them? b. Did his brothers recognize him?
  4. What did Joseph accuse of his brothers?
  5. a. What did Joseph do to all his brothers? b. For how long? c. Why did Joseph's brothers think this was happening to them?
  6. Who did Joseph keep behind while the other brothers took the grain back home?
  7. a. What did Joseph put in each brother's sack? b. How did they feel when this was discovered?


  1. When did Jacob decide to let his sons go back to Egypt?
  2. What did he send with his sons to Egypt?
  3. What were the brothers afraid of when Joseph invited them to dinner?
  4. What did Joseph do when he saw Benjamin?
  5. How did Joseph seat his brothers?
  6. How did Joseph treat Benjamin?


  1. What did Joseph tell his steward to put in Benjamin's sack?
  2. a. What did Joseph request Benjamin become to him? b. How did the brothers react to this? c. What would be the result of this request?


  1. How did the brothers react when Joseph revealed himself to them?
  2. a. Who did Joseph tell his brothers had allowed these things to happen to him? b. Why did this happen to Joseph?
  3. Who approved of Joseph's family coming to Egypt?


  1. a. Who spoke to Jacob one night in a dream after his sons returned from Egypt? b. What did He tell Jacob?
  2. In what land did Jacob and his family settle?
  3. How many descendants of Jacob were now in Egypt?


  1. a. When money ran out in the land of Egypt, how did the people pay Joseph for the grain? b. When this ran out, how did the people pay for the grain?
  2. How long was Jacob able to be with Joseph before he died?
  3. What did Jacob make Joseph swear to upon his death?


  1. a. Who were Joseph's two sons? b. What did they become to Jacob?
  2. Which of Joseph's sons did Jacob bless first?
  3. What was Jacob's blessing for Joseph?


  1. a. What was Reuben's blessing? b. Why?
  2. How were Simeon and Levi blessed?
  3. What was Judah's blessing?
  4. a. Where did Jacob wish to be buried? b. Who also is buried there?


  1. What did Joseph's brothers fear after their father died?
  2. Why did Joseph weep when the messengers came from the brothers?
  3. What did Joseph ask his people to do for him when he died?