Defining Grace

                   GOD'S GRACE

Ge. 6:8 God saved Noah because he was a just man (the first saving grace).
Exod. 33:12,13,16,17; 34:9 God chose and favored Moses to lead His people.
Ezra 9:8 God begins the new temple.
Ze. 12:10 God foretells the pouring out of His Spirit upon the people.
Acts 13:43 God's grace period in which we conform our lives and obey His will.
Acts 14:3,26; 15:40; 20:24,32 God's new covenant at work through the apostles.
Acts 18:27 New believers through the word and under the grace period.
Ro. 3:24 God justified us by making Jesus the payment for our sins.
Ro. 4:4,16 God does away with the works of the law. Having faith is our requirement now.
Ro. 5:15 God's grace provided forgiveness of sins.
Ro. 11:5,6 God will save a remnant of the Israelites.
1 Co. 1:4 God's grace given to the Gentiles through Jesus.
2 Co. 4:15 God's grace provided to all Gentiles.
2 Co. 6:1 God's plan of salvation to be taken seriously by the Gentiles.
Ga. 1:15 God chooses Paul.
Ga. 2:21 God's plan of salvation through Christ, not the law.
Ga. 5:4 We are free from the rituals of the Law - namely circumcision.
Eph. 1:6 God provides Jesus as our redemption
Eph. 2:5 God chose to include the Gentiles.
Eph. 2:8 The Gentiles have the opportunity for salvation. They are saved from their hopeless condition.
Eph. 3:2,8 God's grace Paul spread to the Gentiles.
Eph. 4:7 The Spirit given to all people.
Php. 1:7  We are given the time to conform our lives while in the grace of God.
Col. 1:6 God's plan of salvation brought to the Gentiles.
2 Th. 2:16 God provided salvation.
2 Tim. 1:9  God chose to save us.
Tit. 2:11 God's gospel of truth has appeared to all men.
Heb. 2:9 God provided Jesus to suffer our penalty of death.
Heb. 12:28 Our grace period in which we should serve God acceptably.
1 Pet. 1:10 The prophets foretold God's plan of salvation.
1 Pet. 1:13 God's promise of eternal life.
Jude1:4 God's plan of salvation being perverted by false teachers.

                   JESUS' GRACE

Ps. 45:2 The words of life sent through Jesus.
Jn. 1:16 Jesus' grace gives us forgiveness.
Jn. 1:14,17 Jesus fulfills the grace of God with forgiveness and hope.
Acts 15:11 Jesus provides justification for life to the Gentiles and Jews.
Ro. 1:5 Jesus' grace reconciles us to God and makes us apostles of our faith.
Ro 5:2 Jesus is the key to God's grace.
Ro. 5:15,17 Righteousness of justification through Jesus.
Ro. 5:20 Jesus covers all sin.
Ro. 5:21 Justification of salvation through Jesus' righteousness.
Ro. 6:1,14,15 Jesus provides perpetual forgiveness of sins.
Ro. 16:20,24 Jesus gives us strength, comfort, hope, and peace in our lives.
1 Co. 1:4 Jesus is the key to God's grace.
1 Co. 16:23 Jesus gives us strength, comfort, hope, and peace in our lives. Also in: [2 Co. 13:14 \ Ga. 6:18 \ Ph. 4:23 \ 1 Th. 5:28 \ 2 Th. 3:18 \ 2 Tim. 2:1 \ Phe.. 1:25 \ Re. 22:21]
2 Co. 8:9 Jesus was obedient in fulfilling God's grace.
Ga. 1:6 Jesus' grace fulfills God's grace by doing away with the works of the law.
Eph. 1:7; 4:7 Jesus provides justification for sins.
Col. 1:6 God's grace to the Gentiles.
1 Tim. 1:14 Jesus rich in grace toward us.
2 Tim. 1:9 God chose to save us. We did nothing to justify our opportunity for salvation.
Tit. 3:7 Jesus justified us before God for eternal life.
Heb. 4:16 Jesus was our teacher and exemplified righteousness.
Heb. 13:9 Jesus makes us righteous.

                   GOD'S DAILY GRACE

Exodus 33:13 (Second word grace) Moses seeks God's continued favor in his mission.
Ps. 84:11 God blesses those who walk upright.
Prov. 3:22 The wisdom of God will be a help today and forever.
Prov. 3:34 God blesses the humble.
Prov. 4:9 Wisdom will exalt you and bring favor upon you.
Isa. 26:10 Show grace to the lost, perhaps he may mimic it.
Jer. 31:2 God helped Israel in the wilderness.
Ze. 4:7 Zerubbabel  completes the temple with the grace of God.
Lk. 2:40 God watched over Jesus.
Acts 4:33 The apostles are received readily by the people and given many material goods to distribute.
Acts 11:23 The grace of God to the Gentiles encouraged Barnabas.
Ro. 1:7 "May God bless you and bestow kindness on you." The usual greeting and closing of the epistles.
Also in: [1 Co. 1:3 \ 2 Co. 1:2 \ Ga. 1:3 \ Ep. 1:2; 6:24 \ Ph. 1:2 \ Col. 1:2; 4:18 \ 1 Th. 1:1 \ 2 Th. 1:2 \ 1Ti. 1:2; 6:21 \ 2 Ti. 1:2; 4:22 \ Tit. 1:4; 3:15 \ Phe. 1:3 \ He.13:25 \ 1 Pe. 1:2 \ 2 Pe. 1:2 \ 2 Jn. 1:3 \ Re.1:4]
Ro. 12:3,6 God gives knowledge and gifts to teach and strengthen us.
Ro. 15:15 God uses others to teach us.
1 Co. 3:10 God teaches us through the apostles.
1 Co. 15:10 Paul is given the knowledge and ability to spread the gospel.
2 Co. 1:12 God gives us His wisdom.
2 Co. 8:1 God's material help through the churches.
2 Co. 9:8 God's blessings come through you to others.
2 Co. 12:9 God strengthens Paul through prayer.
Gal. 2:9 God gives Paul ability to teach the Gentiles.
Eph. 2:7 God is rich in kindness and blessings to those in Christ.
Eph. 3:7 God enables Paul to minister the gospel.
Heb. 4:16 (Second word grace) We seek God's help to overcome sin.
Heb. 13:9 God's word and sound doctrine should establish us.
Ja. 4:6 God gives favor to the humble.
1 Pet. 3:7 God's blessings are for both spouses.
1 Pet. 5:5 God gives favor to the humble.
1 Pet. 5:10,12 God strengthens, perfects, and establishes us in due time.

                   GRACE IN MAN

Esth. 2:17 King Ahasuerus loved Queen Esther more than any other and gave her considerable favor.
Prov. 22:11 The pure in heart will speak in purity and kindness.
2 Co. 8:6,7 We must be willing to help the brethren in need.
2 Co. 9:14 God's blessings in us for others to receive.
Eph. 4:29 Speak pure things which will help others.
Col. 3:16 Teach and admonish one another with a merciful heart to the Lord.
Col. 4:6 Know what to say and how to say it.
2 Th. 1:12 We must exemplify the grace of God and Jesus to bring glory to Jesus.
Heb. 10:29 We must not be irreverent of the Spirit of God and quench its effect within us.
He. 12:15 Do not fall short of God's love and nature. Live in peace all people (vs. 14).
1 Pet. 4:10 We must use the gifts God has given us.
2 Pet. 3 :18 Grow in righteousness and knowledge while under the protection or grace period of Jesus.

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