1. King Cyrus issued the first decree to rebuild the temple.
  2. King Cyrus brought out all the articles of silver and gold used for the service of the temple which Nebuchadnezzar had taken.


  1. They could not identify through genealogy that their fathers were of the priests of Israel.
  2. 42,360.
  3. 7,337


  1. They feared the people of the other nations around them.
  2. They sang and played music with cymbals before the Lord as David had done when the Ark of the Covenant was returned to Jerusalem.
  3. Some shouted for joy, others wept emotionally.


  1. The adversaries could cause trouble and have the rebuilding stopped.
  2. a. King Artaxerxes was king at this time. b. They told the king that the Jews would rebel against him as they had done others in the past. He would not receive tribute from them, and his treasury would be diminished.


  1. The prophets Haggai and Zechariah.
  2. a. King Darius was king at this time. b. They wanted him to search the records and find the decree issued by King Cyrus stating that the temple of God should be rebuilt.


  1. He provided all the materials needed to rebuild the temple, even the animals for the burnt offerings and the food for the special offerings. He threatened to kill anyone who tried to stop the rebuilding.
  2. In the sixth year of King Darius the temple was finished.


  1. Ezra was a descendent of Aaron the priest and a skilled scribe and teacher of the law of Moses.
  2. Ezra goes to Jerusalem in the seventh year of King Artaxerxes. (This seems to be a long time after the completion of the temple as Darius ruled for thirty five years.)
  3. The king gave Ezra gold and silver to purchase the bulls, rams, sheep, grain, and drink to be offered to God in the temple.


  1. He had told the king that his God would protect them on their journey.
  2. He fasted and prayed before God for His protection on their journey.


  1. a. They had intermarried with the people of the land from whom they were to keep separate. b. Ezra tore his garments and robe and plucked out hair from his head and beard. c. He fasted and then prayed, confessing their sin before God.


  1. Ezra told the people they must put away their pagan wives and children.
  2. It took three months as each Israelite was questioned on an individual basis.