1. a. What did the new king of Egypt fear of Israel? b. What did he do because of this?
  2. a. What did the king of Egypt ask the Hebrew midwives to do? b. Did they do this? c. What did they tell the king of Egypt?


  1. Who was born to a man of the house of Levi?
  2. What did the mother do with the baby after he was 3 months old?
  3. a. Who found the baby that was born to the Levi man? b. Who saw this person find the baby?
  4. Who took care of the baby until he was old enough to stay with Pharaoh's daughter?
  5. What did Moses do when he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew brother?
  6. To where did Moses run when Pharaoh sought to kill him?
  7. Who did Moses marry?


  1. What did Moses see at the mountain of Horeb?
  2. Who spoke to Moses at this time?
  3. What was Moses instructed to do?
  4. What was God sure that Pharaoh would not do for Israel?
  5. What did God say Israel would take with them when they left?


  1. What did Moses fear that Israel would not do?
  2. What two signs did God tell Moses to show Israel if necessary so that they would believe him?
  3. If the people of Israel still did not believe Moses, what did God tell Moses to do then?
  4. a. Even after all these signs, what did Moses ask of God? b. How did God react to this?
  5. a. Who did God tell Moses He would send with him? b. What would Moses be to Aaron?
  6. a. Who did Moses prepare to take with him to Egypt? b. How did God react when he met Moses on the way to Egypt? Why?


  1. What was Pharaoh's response to Moses and Aaron when they asked him to let Israel go?
  2. What did Pharaoh assume if Israel had time to go worship their God?
  3. What further burden did Pharaoh place on Israel now that they weren't doing before?
  4. How did Israel react to Moses and Aaron because of Pharaoh's workload?


  1. By what name did God call Himself to Moses and Israel?
  2. From what son of Israel did Moses and Aaron descend?


  1. Why did God allow Pharaoh to harden his heart?
  2. How old was Moses when he began to lead Israel from Egypt?
  3. What were the magicians of Egypt able to do that Aaron did before Pharaoh?
  4. a. What was the first plague sent to Egypt? b. Were the magicians able to imitate this?


  1. a. What was the second plague sent by God through Moses? b. Were the magicians able to do this?
  2. After Moses removed the second plague, how did Pharaoh react?
  3. a. What was the third plague sent by God through Moses? b. Were the magicians able to do this?
  4. a. What was the fourth plague sent to Egypt? b. What land was not affected by this plague? c. Why did God not affect this land?
  5. Did Pharaoh let Israel go after Moses got rid of this last plague?


  1. a. What was the fifth plague sent on Egypt? b. On what part of Egypt was it sent? c. What happened to the livestock of Israel?
  2. What was the sixth plague sent on Egypt?
  3. Was Pharaoh ready to let Israel go after the sixth plague?
  4. a. What was the seventh plague sent on Egypt? b. Where was it sent?


  1. Why did God purposely harden Pharaoh's heart?
  2. Who ultimately was enabling the magicians to do signs and wonders also?
  3. What was the eighth plague sent on the land of Egypt?
  4. What was the ninth plague sent on Egypt?
  5. What happened where Israel was at this time?
  6. What did Pharaoh want Moses to do at this time?
  7. What did he want Moses to leave behind?


  1. What did God tell Moses to ask for in the hearing of the people of Egypt?
  2. What was Moses' prophecy on the land of Egypt?
  3. What did Moses say the people of Egypt would do after this last plague?


  1. What were the children of Israel to do on the fourteenth of the month?
  2. What were they to do to their houses that night?
  3. a. How were the people of Israel to be dressed that night as they ate? b. What did this signify?
  4. From what did the blood on their houses save them?
  5. Why were the people to keep observing the Passover meal each year?
  6. What was the tenth plague sent on Egypt?
  7. Did Pharaoh want Israel to leave now ?
  8. What was the population of Israel at this time?
  9. How long had Israel been in Egypt?


  1. What did Israel have to give back to God each year?
  2. What month did the children of Israel leave Egypt?
  3. Why did God not lead the people through the land of the Philistines?
  4. Whose bones did Moses take with him?
  5. How did God lead them by day or night?


  1. What did Pharaoh decide to do to Israel after they left?
  2. What sea did Israel need to cross?
  3. a. What did God do through Moses to the sea? b. How long did this take? c. Why were the Egyptians not able to pursue them that night?
  4. When Israel crossed the sea, what condition was the bed of the sea?
  5. When the Egyptians pursued Israel into the sea, what happened to their chariots?
  6. When all the Egyptians were in the middle of the sea, what happened to them?


  1. What was the song of Moses about?
  2. a. What did the people of Israel complain about in the wilderness of Shur? b. What happened when Moses threw a tree into the waters?


  1. How long had it been since Israel had left Egypt and until they were in the Wilderness of Sin?
  2. What were the children of Israel complaining about now?
  3. What did Moses tell Israel that God would do for them?
  4. What did God give Israel to satisfy their complaints?
  5. How much of the food were the children of Israel to gather each day?
  6. If they gathered more than they needed, what happened to the food?
  7. a. On the day before the Sabbath, how much food were they to gather? b. What happened with the extra that was gatherd? c. When were they to prepare this extra food?
  8. How long did God provide this food for Israel?


  1. What did Israel complain about when they were camped at Rephidim?
  2. At the rock in Horeb, what did God provide for Israel?
  3. When Israel was fighting the Amalekites, what did Aaron and Hur do for Moses during the battle?


  1. Who came to meet Moses in the wilderness?
  2. What good advice did Jethro give to Moses?


  1. How long after leaving Egypt did Israel arrive in the Wilderness of Sinai?
  2. a. What was Israel to be ready for in 3 days? b. What preparations did the people of Israel make before the third day?
  3. What would happen to the people if they set foot on the mountain while God was there?


  1. What was the first set of instructions that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai?
  2. a. What does taking God's name in vain mean? b. What is the promise given if you honor your father and mother? c. What does it mean to bear false witness against someone? d. What does it mean "to covet"?
  3. a. When the people saw the smoke and heard the thundering and the sound of the trumpet, how did they react? b. What did they ask Moses to do for them?
  4. How did God want them to build an altar to Him?
  5. Why was there to be no steps up to the altar?


  1. If a servant did not want to leave his master after the seventh year, what was done to him?
  2. If a man struck his father or mother, what happened to him?


  1. If your neghbor's property is lost, destroyed, or stolen while it is in your care, in what way would you not be responsible for it?
  2. Why was Israel not to mistreat strangers in their land?
  3. Who are we not to revile or curse?


  1. How many years was Israel to sow the land and let it rest?
  2. a. What were the 3 feasts that Israel was to observe each year? b. What did each feast represent?
  3. Why would God drive the people of the land of Canaan out slowly?


  1. Who was Moses' assistant on Mount Sinai?
  2. How long did Moses stay on the mountain?


  1. a. A cubit being 1 feet, how large was the ark of the covenant? b. What was the ark of the covenant made with? c. How was it to be carried?
  2. a. Which way did the cherubim face? b. What did they look toward?
  3. a. What was to be placed on the table? b. Of what was the table made? c. How was it carried?
  4. a. Of what was the lampstand made? b. How many branches were on the lampstand? c. How many cups were on each branch? d. What was the shape of the cups? e. How many bowls were on the lampstand? f. What was the shape of the bowls? g. How were the bowls placed on the lampstand?
  5. How many lamps stood in front of the gold lampstand?


  1. What were the cubit dimensions of the tabernacle?
  2. What went between the ark of the testimony and the most holy place?
  3. Where was the table and the gold lampstand placed?


  1. What was the size of the altar?
  2. a. What was the size of the court of the tabernacle? b. Where was the wall of the court placed in regard to the tabernacle?


  1. a. What was on the shoulders of Aaron's ephod? b. What was written on these?
  2. How many rows of stones were on the breastplate?
  3. a. What was on the bottom of the ephod that Aaron was to wear? b. Why were they here?


  1. What were some of the items used to consecrate Aaron and his sons?
  2. Where was the blood of the young bull used?
  3. a. What part of the bull was burned on the altar? b. What was done with the rest of the bull?
  4. a. What was done with the blood of the first ram? b. What was done with the rest of the ram?
  5. a. What was done with the blood of the second ram? b. What part of the second ram was used as a wave offering? c. What else was used with the wave offering? d. What was done with the flesh of the second ram?
  6. What was the daily offering that had to be done through all the generations?


  1. a. What was the size of the altar of incense? b. Where was it placed? c. How often was it used?
  2. a. What was the atonement money? b. For what was it used?
  3. a. How was the bronze basin or laver to be used? b. Where was it placed?
  4. a. How was the holy oil used? b. Who formulated this oil? c. How else was this oil to be used?
  5. a. How was the incense used? b. Who formulated this incense? c. Could it be used for anything else?


  1. Where did Bezalel and Aholiab receive their skill and knowledge for the work required for the tabernacle?
  2. What were the children of Israel to observe throughout all their generations?
  3. What was the Testimony written on and by whom?


  1. a. What did the people of Israel ask Aaron to do for them? b. What was the material that Aaron used? c. What was the tool that he used?
  2. a. When God saw this, what did he call the people of Israel? b. What did God want to do to Israel? c. What did He tell Moses He would do for him? d. How did Moses react to this?
  3. a. When Moses came down to the people of Israel, what did he break? b. What did he make the people drink?
  4. What did Aaron tell Moses had happened?
  5. What did God command Moses to do to Israel?


  1. a. Where did Moses go to meet the Lord? b. What was this placed called?
  2. In what form did God appear to Moses when he spoke to him?
  3. What could no man see of God and live?
  4. a. What did Moses ask from God to help keep him in God's grace? b. What source do we have now that keeps us in God's grace?


  1. What did God instruct Moses to make out of stone?
  2. What was God's instructions for Israel concerning the people of the Land of Promise?


  1. a. What was the punishment for anyone who did any work on the Sabbath? b. Why this punishment?


  1. How much material did the children of Israel bring to Moses for the building of the tabernacle?
  2. What other two layers covered the tabernacle?
  3. a. How many boards were used as frames on the west side of the tabernacle? b. How many boards were used as frames on the north and south sides of the tabernacle?


  1. Who made the Ark of the Testimony, the table for the show bread, the gold lamp stand, and the altar of incense?


  1. Who made the altar of burnt offering, the bronze laver, and the court of the tabernacle?
  2. What part in the construction of the tabernacle did Aholiab have?


  1. What other items did Aholiab make?
  2. What did the plate on the holy crown have inscribed on it?


  1. a. Where was the Ark of the Testimony to be placed? b. What divided the Ark of the Testimony from the tabernacle? c. What was placed next, outside the Ark of the Testimony? d. Where was the altar of incense placed? e. Where was the altar of burnt offering placed? f. Where was the bronze laver placed?
  2. When was the tabernacle raised up?
  3. When did the children of Israel know to journey forward?
  4. How long did it take to make the Tabernacle of Meeting?