1. King Ahasuerus and Queen Vashti.
  2. The king was showing off his great  riches and glorius kingdom to his officials and servants.
  3. The king held a feast for all the people in the city, from great to small.
  4. The king also wanted to show off his beautiful queen to the people.
  5. They feared that all the wives of the officals would also despise their husbands and refuse to listen to them. All the women of the land would soon master their husbands.
  6. Queen Vashti was removed from before the king never to come before him again. Her crown was taken away to be given to another who would honor the king.


  1. Beautiful young virgins were sought to be the new queen.
  2. Esther was a Jew and the cousin to Mordecai.She was raised by Mordecai because her parents were not alive.
  3. The women went through twelve months of preparations for beautifying themselves. Six months of oil of myrrh and six months of perfumes.
  4. Mordecai discovered that two of the king's eunuchs had plotted to harm the king. Mordecai sent word to the king through Esther and the two men were hanged.


  1. The king promoted Haman above all other officials.
  2. Mordecai would not bow or pay homage to Haman.
  3. He brought a false accusation against the Jews before the king accusing them of not keeping the king's laws. Therefore, they were not to remain alive.


  1. It was a law that no one could come before the king unless he held out the golden scepter toward them. They would be put to death.
  2. Esther asked the Jews to fast for her three days. She and her servants would fast also and then she would go before the king.


  1. Queen Esther asked the king and Haman to come to a banquet she would prepare for them.
  2. Esther asked the king and Haman to come again the next day for another banquet and then she would make known her petition.
  3. a. Mordecai would not stand or tremble before Haman. This made him very angry. b.Haman's wife and friends advised him to build a gallow and suggest to the king that Mordecai be hanged on it the next day.


  1. a. The king could not sleep that night. b. The king found the record of where Mordecai had reported of the plot against the king by his two eunuchs.
  2. Haman thought surely the king was referring to him.
  3. Mordecai was given a royal robe that the king had worn and a horse on which the king had ridden and was led around the city before the people by one of the king's most noble princes (Haman).


  1. Esther pleaded for the life of her people and herself
  2. He saw Haman fallen across Esther in an assaulting postion.
  3. The gallows that were built for Mordecai were suggested for Haman. The king ordered Haman's death on the gallows.


  1. Esther asked the king to reverse the decree that was written to annihilate the Jews
  2. The king told Esther to write another decree in the king's name and sealed with his signet ringed that would allow the Jews to protect themselves against anyone who would try to kill them.


  1. The Jews were able to overpower their enemies. All feared the Jews.
  2. She asked for one more day for the Jews against their enemies and for the ten sons of Haman to be hanged on the gallows.
  3. The Feast of Purim became the day for the Jews to remember how a day of sorrow and mourning became a day of joy and a holiday for them.


  1. Mordecai became second to the king.