1. God wanted us to be holy and blameless in Christ. Jesus was the means for our holiness.
  2. The one who believes in Jesus and who repents of his sins.
  3. God predetermined that all believers will have a resting place and eternal life after they die.
  4. a. The Holy Spirit in us is our spiritual promise of the life to come. b. The Spirit is our guide and teacher in the word and will of God.
  5. God saved us from the eternal death of sin to eternal life after death.


  1. a. Those that were in darkness to God (the Gentiles) due to their exclusion from the covenant with Israel were doomed to God's wrath because they had no propitiation for their sins. b. The grace of God saved them through Christ when God included them for the inheritance. c. They were saved from death and the wrath of God.
  2. a. The gift was Godís grace to the Gentiles. b. The grace was their salvation from their fate by being included in the kingdom along with the Jews (vs. 11-13). They are saved from destruction by believing in Christ. c. We did nothing to impress or earn Godís grace of including us into God's kingdom with the Jews. It was merely God's love for us who He had created to be in His image.
  3. God wanted us to do good works in Christ from the beginning.
  4. a. They were not included in the covenant with Israel. They did not know God or have opportunity for salvation. b. The law was a barrier between the Jews and the Gentiles causing hostility and enmity between them. Not only did the Gentiles once have no part in salvation but they could not serve God with the Jews.
  5. The Jews and the Gentiles now are one body by one Spirit serving and worshiping God. There is no longer a need for the rituals of the law to have access to the Father, His mercy, or grace and no wall between them.


  1. The riches of Christ are unending. They are more than we can understand but the basics is love, joy, peace, and eternal life in Him.
  2. The mystery was that the Gentiles should be heirs with the Jews, be of the same body, and partake of the promises of God in Christ.
  3. The fellowship of the Jews and Gentiles is made known or worked out by the church so that even the heavenly host understand Godís plan.
  4. a. The Holy Spirit inside us strengthens us. b. We are strengthened in our faith, love, and understanding in Christ.
  5. a. The fullness of God should be in all believers. b. The divine nature of God should be in us.
  6. He is able to do even more than we can imagine or hope working by His Spirit in us. If we grow in His Spirit than He can do more.


  1. He wanted them to walk together in unity and peace as one body in one Spirit.
  2. Christ defeated all spiritual enemies and fears that brought us into the captivity of sin and death. Jesus conquered those things that conquered us before; sin, the devil, and death.
  3. All ministries work together to build our faith, increase our knowledge of Jesus, and mature us to be Christ like.
  4. We should measure our faith and walk by the example of Jesus in His service to God.
  5. a. We should put off our former conduct of sin, lewdness, uncleanness, and greediness. b. We should renew the spirit of our mind, the way we think, to be like that of Christ. c. We should think and choose to be righteous and holy.
  6. a. Lying, anger, stealing, bad mouthing, wrath, and bitterness are some of the things we should stop doing. b. Being kind, tender hearted, and forgiving one another are how we should treat one another.
  7. Donít let the sun go down on your anger. We shall not let it grow in us to cause us to sin. We shall not cherish it or harbor it until it causes ill will.
  8. By not heeding the Spirit or allowing it to flow from us we grieve the Spirit.


  1. Goodness, righteousness, and truth.
  2. a. We should find out what is acceptable to Him. b. By studying His word we can know what God wants. By His Spirit also our minds and hearts will be prodded when necessary.
  3. Instead of the spirit of intoxication and the things that come with it flowing from you we should be filled and controlled by the Spirit so that goodness, righteousness, and truth flow from us. We fill ourselves with the word of God and with spiritual songs and hymns.
  4. By the washing of water by the word of God we become sanctified and therefore clean.
  5. We forsake our life of independence to be joined with Him and to live our life in harmony with Him.


  1. A long life is promised to those who honor and obey their parents.
  2. Train your children in the ways of the Lord.
  3. The Lord will return good to you in return for the good that you do.
  4. We need our armor to fight and persevere against spiritual conflicts that come to weaken us, our faith, and our hope in our salvation.
  5. a. To walk in righteousness, purity, and integrity in God. b. To exemplify love and peace wherever we go. c. Trusting, enduring, and being secure against all spiritual attacks of Satan. c. Our hope of salvation which will preserve us against spiritual conflicts. The sword is the word of God which will be used to fight against spiritual conflicts.