Chapter 1


  1. How is the earth and life described?
  2. Who is the author of this book?


Chapter 2


  1. What did Solomonís next test reveal?
  2. What is the difference between the wise and the foolish?
  3. What happens to all that you have labored?
  4. What does God do for the good man?


Chapter 3


  1. When do things happen?
  2. What is the God given task of men?
  3. What advantage has man over animals?


Chapter 4


  1. Who is the least oppressed?
  2. What is the futility of the companionless?
  3. What is the value of a friend?
  4. What determines the popularity or acceptance of someone?


Chapter 5


  1. How should we vow?
  2. What is the futility of abundance?
  3. What good are riches left for your children?
  4. What are we to do with our rewards and riches from our labors?


Chapter 6


  1. What is the futility of one who may have abundance?
  2. With what should we be satisfied?
  3. Should man contend with life?


Chapter 7


  1. Why is a good name and death better?
  2. What needs to accompany an inheritance?
  3. What is the vanity of the righteous?
  4. How righteous should we be?
  5. What is worse than death?


Chapter 8


  1. How do we live under rulers?
  2. Why do sinners keep sinning?


Chapter 9


  1. Who controls all good works?
  2. What advantage has the living?
  3. What words should be heard?


Chapter 10


  1. What can ruin someone known for wisdom and virtue?
  2. What error has come from rulers?
  3. Why should we be careful what we speak?


Chapter 11


  1. In the uncertainness of life what should we do?
  2. When should we seek God?


Chapter 12


  1. What was the message of the author?