Chapter 1


  1. The earth and life is a never ending cycle. There seems to be futility of the works. There is nothing new under the sun.
  2. Solomon was the wisest of all men.


Chapter 2


  1. He examined the result of pleasure and possessions of which he had greater than all. There was no profit to it under the sun.
  2. There is no difference between the wise and the foolish. The same things happen to both and both will end their life the same way.
  3. All that you have labored will be left to another who has not labored for it.
  4. God gives wisdom, knowledge, and joy to the man who is good in His sight and the work to the sinner to gather and collect for the good man.


Chapter 3


  1. Everything happens in its own season. There is a time for every purpose under the sun.
  2. The sons of men are to rejoice, do good, and to labor and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
  3. There is no advantage of man over animals. Each will die and return to the dust from which he came.


Chapter 4


  1. Those who have never existed suffer no oppression unlike those who are alive or have lived and died.
  2. Those who have no one to share their rewards deprive themselves of enjoyment by their continuous labor.
  3. A friend can strengthen you and lift you up.
  4. The popularity or acceptance of someone depends on the pickiness of the people.


Chapter 5


  1. We should not vow hastily before God or man and must keep our vows. It is better to not vow than to vow and not pay.
  2. There is no satisfaction in abundance. Those who have will want more and will have to share it with more people.
  3. Your child comes into the world with nothing and he will leave this world with nothing.
  4. We are to enjoy the labors of our hands and any riches that God has given us.


Chapter 6


  1. One who may have abundance may not be satisfied with it or may not live to enjoy it.
  2. We should be satisfied with what life affords than to always desire something else.
  3. No man knows his fate. God is in control of all things. We cannot change anything.


Chapter 7


  1. A good reputation is more valuable than anything else. You have a chance to have built a good name by your death and will be remembered for that.
  2. Wisdom is best to have with in inheritance. Wisdom will bring knowledge, peace, joy, and life.
  3. The righteous may not live any longer or happier lives than the wicked.
  4. We should not be overly righteous because it will not guarantee more happiness nor should we do wrong that it brings a premature death. In everything we should fear God which will deliver us from all things.
  5. To be trapped by an evil woman is worse than death.


Chapter 8


  1. We should obey those who rule over us. We wonít have to experience any harm or punishment then.
  2. The judgment is not immediate on earth so sinners will set their heart to do evil.


Chapter 9


  1. God controls all good works. We are unable on our own to recognize what is good or bad.
  2. The living has possibility for more rewards and to do good before the Lord.
  3. The quiet words of a wise person should be listened to over the pompous words of a fool.




  1. A little folly or one sin can ruin a lifetime of honor.
  2. A foolish servant promoted to authority over a wise prince.
  3. We should be careful what we speak lest it get out to someone.


Chapter 11


  1. Even though we donít know what will happen in life we must continue to work and move forward. Otherwise, nothing would be accomplished.
  2. We should follow God early in our life to avoid all the sorrows and evil we will face which will bring judgment from the Lord.


Chapter 12


  1. We should fear God and reverence Him from our youth. We are to enjoy life but not without God for He will judge our heart and actions. One day we will be too old to enjoy life. If we havenít reverenced God all along and only pursued the physical and material then our life will have been in vain.