1. How many years was it after Israel had left Egypt that Moses spoke to them again on all the commandments of the Lord?
  2. Why did Israel refuse to go into the promise land?
  3. a. Who did God say would not enter the promise land? b. Who would enter the promise land?


  1. How long did it take before all the rebellious men of war were consumed in the wilderness?
  2. What relative of Israel lived at Mount Seir?
  3. Who was given the land of Ammon as a possession?


  1. Who did the Israelites defeat at Bashan?
  2. a. Describe the size of King Og. b. How large was his bed?
  3. What three tribes took their possessions early on the east side of the Jordan?
  4. Why could Moses not enter the promise land?


  1. Who spoke to Israel at Mount Horeb out of a fire?
  2. What were the Israelites never to make for themselves concerning God?
  3. What other things was Israel never to worship?
  4. How could Israel prolong their days and it be well with them and their children?


  1. How does one take the name of God in vain?
  2. What two things are we to do on the Sabbath?
  3. How do we not covet our neighbor's things?
  4. a. How do we honor our father and mother? b. What is the promise that comes with honoring our father and mother?


  1. What is the greatest commandment of all?
  2. What are we to do with the commandments that God has given us?
  3. How are we to teach the commandments to our children?
  4. When things are going good and our blessings are many, what should we remember?
  5. How are we righteous before God?


  1. Why did God choose to bring the Israelites into the promised land?
  2. Why would the Israelites drive the nations out little by little?
  3. What were they to do with anything, whether silver or gold, that was used for evil purposes?


  1. What should we be careful to observe so that we may live and multiply?
  2. What should we never say when we look at all our blessings and material wealth?


  1. How long did Moses stay on Mount Horeb the first time?
  2. What happened to the first tablets Moses brought down from the mountain?
  3. a. What did God want to do to the people for making the molded calf? b. What did God want to do to Aaron?


  1. What did Moses go back to the mountain to make again?
  2. How long did Moses stay on the mountain this time?
  3. What is all that God requires of us?
  4. Why did Moses want the people to circumcise their hearts?
  5. How many Israelites had gone down to Egypt before the captivity?


  1. What did God promise to do with the land if the people earnestly obeyed his commandments?


  1. What type offerings still had to go to the place that God chose if it was too far?
  2. In what way were the people not to worship God?


  1. What were the people to do to anyone who tried to lead them away from God in any fashion?
  2. What were the people to do with any plunder that had been used for evil purposes?


  1. What type of animals of the land could the Israelites eat?
  2. In general, what type of birds were they not to eat?
  3. What type of animals of the water could they eat?
  4. What did the people of Israel do with their tithes at the end of every third year?


  1. What did the people of Israel release at the end of every seventh year?
  2. What were the Israelites to be careful not to do close to the year of release?
  3. In what year were servants or slaves released?
  4. What were the servants given upon their release?
  5. If the servant did not wish to leave, what action was the master to do?


  1. What ceremony was observed with the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
  2. What three feasts were the Israelites to keep?


  1. What was the punishment for a man or a woman who worshiped an idol or carved image?
  2. How many witnesses were needed for anyone who is to be stoned?
  3. Whom would the people go to decide any hard cases?
  4. How was a king to learn to fear God?


  1. What was the inheritance of the Levites?
  2. Who was the prophet that would come and be similar to Moses?
  3. How would this new prophet be similar to Moses?


  1. What were the cities of refuge?
  2. What was God's rule for capital punishment?


  1. What three things kept a man from going into battle?
  2. Did the armies of war want a faint hearted person?
  3. What was Israel to first step in taking over a city outside the land of Canaan?
  4. What could the Israelites keep from a city they had plundered?
  5. Who were the Israelites to utterly destroy and why?


  1. Who would be responsible for atonement of a man found slain in the country?
  2. What would an Israelite have to do to a female captive in order for her to be his wife?
  3. What was done to a son who continued to be rebellious?


  1. What are you to do with your brother's animal or his possession that you may find?
  2. What was a women never to wear?
  3. If a woman was found not to be a virgin, what was her punishment?
  4. If a man was found lying with a woman who was married, what was the punishment for this sin?
  5. When would a woman who is attacked by a man not be deserving of death?


  1. What types of people could not enter the assembly of the Lord?
  2. What was an Israelite never to charge to a fellow countryman who had borrowed anything from him?


  1. Could a divorced woman remarry a former man from whom she was divorced?
  2. How long must a newly wed man stay at home before going to war?
  3. What were the Israelites to do with sheaves left in the field at harvest time?


  1. What was the maximum number of blows a person could receive as punishment?
  2. If a woman's husband died, whose responsibility was it to take her as a wife?
  3. How were the Israelites weights and measures to be done?


  1. What were the people to do with the produce of the ground that was already growing in the land they were going to possess?
  2. What did they do with the tithes of their increase every third year?


  1. When the people went into the land they were going to possess, what were they to write on stones that were to be set up?


  1. What could the people expect for being obedient to God's commandments?
  2. What could the people expect for not obeying God's commandments?


  1. What had not worn out on the people in the forty years they were in the wilderness?


  1. If the people turned back to God after all their punishment what would He do for them?
  2. What was the easy choices they had to make?


  1. Who would be the new leader of Israel after Moses?
  2. What were the people to do at the end of every 7 years?
  3. How did God know that Israel would rebel against Him in the future?


  1. What was the purpose for the song of Moses?
  2. Who wrote the words to the song of Moses?
  3. Why would Moses not enter into the promised land?


  1. a. In Moses' final blessing on Israel, who did he honor first? b. Who did he bless next?


  1. What did God show Moses at the top of Mount Nebo?
  2. a. In what land did Moses die? b. Where was he buried? c. How old was Moses when he died?