1. How long would Daniel and his friends train before serving the king? What would they learn?
  2. What did Daniel and his friends refuse to eat of the king's portions?
  3. What gift was Daniel blessed with from God?



  1. Why did the king of Babylon wish his wise men to tell him his dream before interpreting it?
  2. Who was able to reveal the king's dream and interpret it?
  3. What was the first thing Daniel did after the  King's decree?
  4. Who will reveal to you things you need to know?
  5. What did the king's dream mean?
  6. What was the stone that became a great mountain?
  7. Who and what do the kingdom's represent?



  1. What did King Nebuchadnezzar make for himself and his people?
  2. a. Who was instructed to fall down and worship the image that was made in Babylon? b. Who did not worship the image?
  3. What punishment did the king put on those who would not worship the image?
  4. What happened to Daniel's three friends when they were punished by the king?



  1. a. What did king Nebuchadnezzar's second dream mean? b. Why would this happen to him ?



  1. How did Belshazzar show no fear of God?
  2. How are we like the vessels of the temple?
  3. Did Belshazzar know of his forefather's relationship with God?
  4. What message was sent to Belshazzar?
  5. What happened to Belshazzar?



  1. What position was Daniel appointed under King Darius?
  2. Why did some seek to find a charge against Daniel?
  3. What statute did the governors of the kingdom set up for the king in which they knew Daniel would not follow?
  4. Was the king willing to oblige Daniel's accusers?
  5. What did the king find concerning Daniel the next morning?
  6. What did the king do to the accusers of Daniel?



  1. Who do the four beasts represent?
  2. What is different about the fourth beast?
  3. What is the burning flame that the last beast is given to?
  4. a. Who is the Ancient of Days? b. Who is the one coming in the clouds?
  5. How does the fourth beast attempt to change the times and the law?



  1. Who is the angel that explained the vision to Daniel?
  2. Of what time does the vision refer?
  3. What will happen to some of God's people?
  4. How will this last kingdom be broken?



  1. Who does Daniel pray for at this time?
  2. Who comes to explain Daniel's second vision?
  3. What is Daniel's second vision about?



  1. What had Daniel been doing for three weeks?
  2. What did Daniel see at the Tigris river?
  3. Why was the angel able to come explain the vision to Daniel?



  1. What happens to the kingdom of Greece after it arises to power?
  2. From what kingdom did the kings of the North and South come?
  3. How are the daily sacrifices taken away?
  4. How will those who instruct many fall?