1. They would be trained for three years before they served before the king. They would be taught the language and literature of the Chaldeans.
  2. The wine and delicacies they refused to eat.
  3. Daniel was given the ability to interpret visions and dreams.



  1. If they could tell him his dream then he would know that their interpretation was true and accurate.
  2. Daniel was the only one who could reveal the king's dream to him.
  3. Daniel sought his friends to pray  with him concerning the king's dream?
  4. God will reveal secrets and give understanding to those who ask Him and wait on Him patiently.
  5. Four more kingdoms would come after the kingdom of Babylon but not be as strong as Babylon. But, all would be destroyed or subdued by the final kingdom which would rule forever.
  6. The coming of Jesus and the spreading of the gospel is the final kingdom which will rule over all other kingdoms.
  7. The four empires to come each supporting a life void of the true God. We know these kingdoms now as Babylon (gold); Medes and Persians (silver); Greece(bronze); Rome (iron).



  1. An image of gold of his god.
  2. a. All those who rule over people and the people themselves were to worship the image. They were to bow down to it when they heard the assortment of music. b. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego refused to worship the false god.
  3. Anyone who did not worship the image would be thrown into a fiery furnace and burned alive.
  4. Nothing happened to them; not a hair was singed nor did they even smell of fire or smoke. An angel of God was inside with them and protected them from harm.



  1. a. He would lose his sensibility and be driven from his kingdom and people to graze in a field eating grass like an oxen for a period of seven years. b. To give him understanding that all he had and that was done was because of God and not by his own ability and power. God removed his pride.



  1. He had the gold and silver vessels of the house of the Lord God brought to his banquet so he, his wives, and his concubines could drink out of them.
  2. We are the vessels of the temple to be used by God for His purposes. We should be willing to be used by Him and not use our vessels for our own or  unclean or irreverent purposes.
  3. Yes, he should have because Nebuchadnezzar announced it to all the people after his sanity came back. It would have been past down by the people. Daniel says he knew all this about King Nebuchadnezzar too.
  4. His days were numbered as king, he was found lacking before God, and his kingdom would be given to the Medes and Persians.
  5. He was slain the very night he was given the message by Daniel.



  1. He was one of three governors of the land.
  2. The king was considering setting Daniel up over the whole realm. Envy and jealousy were in their hearts.
  3. For the next thirty days no one was to petition any god or man except the king or he would be thrown into a den of lions.
  4. No, he labored until the sun went down to deliver Daniel.
  5. Daniel was safe. He had been protected by an angel sent by God.
  6. He threw them, their wives, and their children into the den of lions and they were quickly devoured.



  1. Four kingdoms that will arise to power in the earth.
  2. It will more prominent than the other kingdoms and will oppress the saints and even speak against God.
  3. God will reveal the darkness of the kingdom at that time and cast the Anti-Christ into the Lake of Fire.
  4. a. God. b. Jesus.
  5. This kingdom will aggressively attempt to subvert and subdue the people and works of the kingdom of God.



  1. Gabriel.
  2. In the time of God's wrath in the last age of the world.
  3. Some will be deceived and fall away from God.
  4. The power and Spirit of God will destroy the evil kingdom.



  1. He prays for forgiveness of his people and their sin.
  2. Gabriel.
  3. The coming of Jesus, the tribulation for the saints, and the end of the ruler of this world.



  1. He was fasting.
  2. A great angel.
  3. Michael a chief prince came to help him against the prince of Persia.



  1. It is broken up and scattered in the four directions on earth.
  2. The kingdom of Greece that had been scattered.
  3. God is not worshiped or followed sincerely on a daily basis as He should be served.
  4. They will not be listened to. Most will not accept the truth they spread.