1. Amos prophesied during the days of King Uzziah of Judah and King Jeroboam of Israel.
  2. He prophesied against all the sinful nations around Israel. Damascus for attacks against Gilead,  Gaza (Philistines) for enslaving the Israelites, Tyre for enslaving Israel to Edom, Edom for pursuing Israel with the sword disregarding the covenant between Esau and Jacob and Ammon for killing pregnant women of Gilead to gain territory.


  1. Judah and Israel were prophesied last.
  2. Several types of sin were committed by Israel. They sold the righteous for silver, committed injustice to the poor, corrupted the humble, sexual perversion, took their brothers clothes as surety, caused the Nazirite to drink wine, and wouldn’t let the prophets prophesy.


  1. He revealed, enlightened, and warned them of their iniquities through His prophets so that they may perhaps change from their sinful ways and He could relent of their punishment.


  1. a. They were "worshiping, sacrificing, and praising God". b. They did it for themselves to brag before others and to feel good about themselves.
  2. He sent famine, drought, blight, pestilence, and sword hoping they would turn to Him.


  1. These were places where they worshiped. However, while they imitated the law they violated it too. Literally these places were destined for captivity.
  2. He would come to destroy and harm them rather than to save them.
  3. They were holding their feast days, sacred assemblies, making offerings, singing songs, and playing music to the Lord but let justice and righteousness sour and worshiped idols.


  1. They told the people there was no day of doom, everything is okay.
  2. They ate well, had comfortable places to lie and they relaxed with stringed instruments.
  3. They shall be the first to be punished and taken captive.
  4. What should have been good and just turned to evil and injustice.


  1. He prayed to God to relent of the destruction by locusts and the destruction by fire on the land.
  2. A plumb line was straight but Israel was crooked in their conduct. The plumb line drew a distinction between righteousness and their unrighteousness.
  3. God separated Himself from Israel. He would not be there to help them but would send them into captivity and exile.
  4. Amaziah did not want to hear prophesies of Amos against the king and Israel.


  1. They were impatient. They wanted to have the days of the Lord over so they could go buy, sell, and trade deceitfully.


  1. He will destroy it from the earth but will sift Israel and save a remnant and bring them back from captivity.