Updated 11/2013


  1. Who wrote the book of Acts?
  2. a. From what mountain was Jesus taken up? b. Where did the apostles go from there? c. How far was it to there? d. Where did they congregate?
  3. At that time, what was the approximate number of disciples with the apostles?
  4. What was the first order of business by Peter?
  5. a. What qualification did the new apostle need? b. Who was chosen?


  1. What happened to the apostles on the day of Pentecost?
  2. a. Why did the multitude marvel when they heard the apostles? b. What nationality were the apostles?
  3. How many spoke in other languages?
  4. What did David prophesy about God's Holy one?
  5. What has not yet happened to David?
  6. What is the gift of the Holy Spirit?
  7. What did Peter exhort the people concerning the perverse world?
  8. How did the people continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine?
  9. How did they continue in fellowship?
  10. What did the believers do with their possessions?


  1. a. Who did Peter and John heal going into the temple? b. Who did they give credit for this?
  2. a. What does "repent" mean? b. What does "be converted" mean? c. What are the times of refreshing? d. What would the refreshing do for us?
  3. What is Jesus waiting on?


  1. Who confronted Peter and John?
  2. By what authority did Peter and John heal the lame man?
  3. What did the priests and elders notice about Peter and John?
  4. Why did the rulers and elders fear Peter and John teaching about Jesus?
  5. What was significant about Barnabas selling his land and giving the money to the apostles?


  1. What wrong did Ananias and his wife do?
  2. a. How did Peter know Ananias was deceitful? b. To whom did Ananias lie? c. What happened to Ananias? d. What happened to his wife?
  3. a. What were Peter and the apostles able to do among the people? b. How did the Sadducees feel about this? c. What did the Sadducees do to the apostles?
  4. a. What happened to the imprisoned apostles? b. Where did the apostles go? c. What did the Sadducees want the apostles to do? d. What was the apostles' answer to the Sadducees?
  5. What advice did Gamaliel, a Pharisee, give concerning the apostles?


  1. a. Who are the Hellenists or Grecians? b. What was their complaint? c. How did the apostles solve this problem?
  2. What false accusation was brought against Stephen?


  1. What was Stephen's response to the council's questioning?
  2. a. What did the people do to Stephen? b. What did Stephen ask God for the people? c. Who also was there with the people?


  1. What did Saul do against the church?
  2. a. Who was Simon? b. What did the people think of Him?
  3. When Simon heard Philip's witness, what did he do?
  4. a. When Simon saw the Holy Spirit given by the laying on of hands, what did he ask the apostles? b. What did Peter and John tell Simon? c. What did they know about Simon from this? d. What did Simon need to do to get right with God?
  5. a. What was the Ethiopian eunuch reading when Philip met him? b. Who was he reading about?
  6. What did Philip do to the Ethiopian after he believed?
  7. What happened to Philip?


  1. a. Who met Saul on the road to Damascus? b. What happened to Saul?
  2. What would Saul become?
  3. When Paul was healed, what did he immediately do in the synagogues?
  4. How did Paul escape the Jews who were trying to kill him at Damascus?
  5. Whom did Saul dispute with in Jerusalem?
  6. Of what did Peter heal Aeneas in Lydda?
  7. What miracle did Peter do in Joppa?


  1. a. Who was Cornelius? b. Did he know God?
  2. How were the works of Cornelius rewarded by God?
  3. What did Peter's vision mean to him?
  4. What surprised Peter and his company about Cornelius and his household?


  1. What is the difference between John's baptism and the Holy Ghost baptism?
  2. At what city were disciples first called Christians?


  1. What did Herod do to the church?
  2. What apostle did Herod kill?
  3. a. Who did Herod seize next to kill? b. What happened to this person?
  4. Why was Herod struck down after giving his speech?


  1. Who did the Holy Spirit call to work?
  2. a. What did Elymas try to prevent of Saul and Barnabas? b. What did Saul tell Elymas? c. What curse was put on Elymas? d. For what purpose was this done to Elymas?
  3. a. What word of exhortation did Paul given at the synagogue? b. What was the reaction of the people?
  4. How are the Gentiles ordained to eternal life?


  1. Who did Paul heal at Lystra?
  2. a. What did the people think of Paul and Barnabas? b. Was this acceptable to Paul and Barnabas?
  3. Who followed Paul and Barnabas to Lystra?
  4. What had God done for the Gentiles?


  1. What conflict did Paul and Barnabas have with certain Judeans?
  2. How would God judge the Gentiles?
  3. What requirements were bestowed on Gentiles concerning their faith?
  4. a. Why did Paul want to revisit the cities where they had preached the word? b. Why did Paul not want to take John Mark?


  1. Why did Paul have Timothy circumcised?
  2. Why were Paul and Silas thrown into prison at Philippi?
  3. a. What happened to Paul and Silas in the prison? b. What happened to the guard of the prison?


  1. What did the Jews in Berea do after listening to Paul and Silas?
  2. a. Who followed Paul and Silas to Berea? b. Why did they follow them?
  3. What was Areopagus?
  4. Who did Paul tell the Areopagus the unknown god was among their idols? s


  1. a. Who were Aquila and Priscilla? b. Why did Paul stay with them?
  2. a. What did Paul do against the opposition of the Jews at Corinth? b. What did God tell Paul in a vision? c. How long did Paul stay at Corinth?
  3. a. Who was Apollos? b. What did he know of the Lord? c. What did Aquila and Priscilla explain to Apollos?


  1. How are Paul’s miracles described? 
  2. a. Why could the sons of the priest not cast out demons in the name of Jesus? b. What happened to the sons of the priest?
  3. What was the purpose of the special miracles?
  4. What were the reasons Demetrius stirred up the people against Paul?


  1. a. How long did Paul speak at Troas one night? b. What happened to Eutychus during this time?
  2. What two things concerning the gospel did Paul teach the Jews and the Greeks?
  3. Why would Paul be innocent of the blood of all men?
  4. Why did Paul feel the disciples could be drawn away from their faith?


  1. Who was Phillip?
  2. What prophesy did Agabus give of Paul?
  3. a. What teachings did Paul not require for the Jews and the Gentiles? b. What did the elders in Jerusalem want Paul to do?


  1. At what point did the crowd in Jerusalem have enough of Paul's testimony?
  2. Why was the Roman commander afraid to scourge Paul?


  1. What were the differences in beliefs between the Pharisees and the Sadducees?
  2. a. What did the Jews plot against Paul? b. Who overheard this plot?
  3. Where did the commander decide to send Paul?


  1. Why did the Jews bring Tertullus to Caesarea to testify against Paul?
  2. Why did the Jews rise against Paul in Jerusalem and bring him for questioning?
  3. What made Felix afraid?
  4. How long was Paul kept by Felix?


  1. When Festus replaced Felix as governor, what did the Jews ask him to do?
  2. Could Festus find any wrong in Paul?
  3. a. Who did Festus ask to hear the case of Paul? b. Why did Festus want this?


  1. How was Paul kicking against the goads?
  2. What was Paul's mission to the Jews and Gentiles?
  3. How convincing was Paul to King Agrippa?
  4. Paul could have been set free except for what two reasons?


  1. What did Paul predict about the Alexandrian ship?
  2. What did Paul tell the people to do before the ship was wrecked?
  3. How many people were on the ship?
  4. Why did the centurion not let the soldiers kill the prisoners?


  1. a. What happened to Paul on the island of Malta? b. What did the natives assume about Paul? c. What did they later assume about Paul?
  2. What was Paul allowed to do in Rome?
  3. Had the Jews in Rome heard any report about Paul?
  4. What did the Jews in Rome want to know?
  5. What did Paul try to prove to the Jews?
  6. How long did Paul spread the gospel while in Rome?