1. Power, love, and a sound mind. One that has power to overcome, love to give, and able to discern the truth.
  2. Jesus is the firstborn of those who will live forever (dwelling in the unapproachable light 1 Tim 6:16).
  3. He had committed his life to God and believed God would keep his soul for the Last Day.
  4. Timothy was not to teach anything other than the doctrine he'd been taught. The doctrine he received was witnessed and proven.
  5. The teaching of sound Christian doctrine to the people.


  1. We died to our old nature to live for and serve God.
  2. When we are more concerned with the things of the world than seeking what God wants.
  3. a. Timothy is the farmer who must labor before he can have a harvest. b. The harvesting of souls for the faith is his reward.
  4. We endure sufferings, tribulations, and temptations to reign with Christ in heaven.
  5. a. We deny Christ by the lack of profession and conduct in every proper manner or opportunity. b. He will deny us before God. We will be rejected for salvation.
  6. a. The great house (the church, the believers, the kingdom of God) stands firm because God is in control despite what some may err in the church. b. God knows who the good vessels are and who the bad vessels are. All who claim to know Him must depart from iniquity.
  7. By departing from unrighteousness, sin, and iniquity to serve God with a pure heart.
  8. We should be gentle, not quarrel, able to teach, and patient.


  1. They have a connection to the church and profess religion but they never let the Spirit influence their heart ad lives.
  2. We will suffer persecution.
  3. The Holy Scriptures which was the Old Testament. From this he knew God’s character and expectations and knew of Christ to come.
  4. Scripture is profitable to us for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness. It will equip us for every good work.


  1. They will look for those who will tell them what they want to hear. They want to feel sinless and secure. They will create their own doctrines to live by.
  2. On the day of Christ's reappearing.
  3. God is our avenger.