1. By our patience and continuance in the faith even through persecutions we show our belief in God’s judgment to come.
  2. Those who never knew God and those who did know Him but would not obey Him. (Mt 7:21)
  3. They will see Jesus and glorify the One they have believed in.
  4. Everything we do should be pleasing to God. By following His commands, we will be worthy of the Kingdom.


  1. All the people who determine righteousness by man's wisdom and standards. They have not known God or do not acknowledge Him as their guide in life.
  2. The church will be removed and only the lawless one will be left.
  3. The lawless ones who will be left behind in the election of the saints. God left them to their own destruction because they never wanted the truth of God.
  4. By believing in Jesus and by sanctification of the Spirit.
  5. The Spirit directs us to righteousness. By obeying God through His Spirit we will walk in righteousness and become holy and pure.


  1. Our brethren who work and serve diligently for the Lord.
  2. Any brother who walks disorderly not following the example of Christ or the Apostles. This is not a slip here and there but a persistent practice or habit of unrighteousness.
  3. We should not keep company with him but in love admonish him.