Updated 8/2012


  1. How can we receive more grace and peace?
  2. What is the result of adding knowledge to our goodness and faith?
  3. Why should we be diligent to progress to godliness?
  4. How should we heed the prophetic word of Jesus?


  1. What are destructive doctrines?
  2. What purpose did destroying Sodom and Gomorrah serve?
  3. Do angels bring reviling accusations against the unjust before the Lord?
  4. a. Will we recognize false teachers easily? b. Why have some teachers gone astray?
  5. What is the liberty that the false teachers promise?
  6. a. Can those who are following God fall back into their old ways? b. What is their condition then?


  1. a. Is the Lord being slack in His promise of His return? b. Is His timetable the same as ours?
  2. Why does the Lord wait so long before His return?
  3. a. What will happen at the end when the Lord returns? b. Since we know this, how should we conduct ourselves and in what should we be diligent?
  4. How should we consider the patience of God's return?
  5. What do some people do to the scriptures?
  6. Of what do we need to beware?