1. By growing in knowledge of God and of Jesus we understand the grace that forgives our sins and sanctifies our lives.
  2. We will mature to godliness and neither be useless or unfruitful.
  3. We will stay out of sin and make our salvation sure. We will receive the call (*invitation) to be taken out (**election) for the everlasting kingdom (*Strong's 2821; **Strong's 1589).
  4. We should listen intently as if we are drawn to a light in the darkness until our hearts accept the prophecy of our Lord.


  1. Teachings that will eventually lead to the destruction of the soul of those who believe them. One was denying Jesus - His attributes, teachings, existence, or significance to salvation.
  2. Their destruction served as a reminder to anyone afterward who chooses to live in such an ungodly way.
  3. No, for whatever purpose the angels have this judgment is God's concern.
  4. a. No, they will eat with us and be part of us as if they are a believer. b. They have followed the way of Balaam and are covetous for gain.
  5. The false teachers will ease the strictness and restraints of true religion allowing sin to enter and continue with no fear of repercussions.
  6. a. Yes. b. It is worse than when they were in sin before (Mat.12:43-45). They have dishonored and corrupted the word of God.


  1. a. No. b. No - God will do when He knows it is due.
  2. He is patiently waiting so that possibly all men could be saved.
  3. a. The ungodly and unrighteous will be laid bare (burned up) and separated (melt) from the godly and righteous. In the end the unclean will be removed from the earth leaving only the righteous people. b. We should live in holy conduct and godliness being diligent to not be found in sin, but having a pure heart sanctified through the Spirit and the Word of God.
  4. We should know that it is our chance now to get right with God in order to be saved.
  5. They twist them to their own destruction. They make the meaning of certain scriptures something other than what they were intended.
  6. We need to beware of falling away from true righteousness due to the corrupted teachings by some of the Word.