1. How was Ahaziah injured?
  2. Who did Ahaziah seek to find out if he would recover?
  3. Who did God send to tell Ahaziah he would die?
  4. a. What happened to the group of fifty men who Ahaziah sent to Elijah? b. What happened to the second group of men? c. What happened to the third group of men?


  1. How was Elijah to be taken into heaven?
  2. What happened when Elijah struck the Jordan River with his mantle?
  3. a. What did Elisha ask from Elijah? b. How would he know he would receive it?
  4. a. What was the first sign of Elisha's power? b. What was his second sign?


  1. Who became king of Israel after Ahaziah died?
  2. Who rebelled against Israel under King Jehoram's reign?
  3. Who did King Jehoram ask to help him fight a battle?
  4. What miracle did Elisha provide for the Israelites?
  5. What did the Moabite king do to turn Israel back?


  1. Why was an old widow's sons being taken from her?
  2. How did Elisha help the old widow?
  3. What did a notable woman and her husband do for Elisha?
  4. How did Elisha repay the woman and her husband for their kindness?
  5. What happened to the woman's son?
  6. What did Elisha do to the woman's son?
  7. What did Elisha's servant gather that was harmful for the stew he was preparing?
  8. How did Elisha cure the stew?
  9. How many men did Elisha feed with the offering of first fruits?


  1. Who was Naaman?
  2. What disease did Naaman have?
  3. Who told Naaman who could heal him?
  4. a. What did Elisha tell Naaman to do to be healed? b. What was Naaman's first reaction to this? c. Who talked Naaman into obeying Elisha's advice?
  5. Of what did Naaman ask Elisha to forgive him?
  6. What did Elisha want from Naaman for healing Him?
  7. What did Gehazi decide he would get from Naaman?
  8. What did Elisha pronounce on Gehazi?


  1. What did the sons of the prophets decide to build for themselves with Elisha?
  2. a. What happened to the ax head that one of the men was using? b. How did Elisha find the ax head?
  3. Why did the king of Syria think there was an informant among them?
  4. a. How did God defeat the Syrians at Dothan? b. Where did Elisha lead them?
  5. a. What did Elisha tell the king of Israel to do with the Syrians? b. What did this do between Israel and Syria?
  6. How bad had the famine gotten in Samaria?


  1. How did God defeat the Syrian army during the famine in Samaria?
  2. Who discovered that the Syrians had fled?
  3. a. What happened to an officer of Israel's army during the rush to the spoil of the Syrians? b. Why?


  1. Who did Elisha warn about a seven year famine?
  2. a. Who did Ben-Hadad seek to ask if he would recover from his disease? b. What was he told? c. How did he die?
  3. What two kings fought together against Hazael of Syria?


  1. Who was anointed as king of Israel?
  2. What happened to the first two messengers King Joram sent to inquire of Jehu?
  3. Why did Jehu not come in peace to King Joram?
  4. What prophecy was fulfilled concerning the descendants of Ahab?
  5. What happened to King Ahaziah?
  6. What is the first thing Jezebel did when she heard Jehu was coming?
  7. a. How did Jezebel die? b. What was left of Jezebel to bury? c. What prophecy was fulfilled concerning Jezebel's death?


  1. How many sons did Ahab have in Samaria?
  2. What did Jehu ask of the elders who raised Ahab's sons?
  3. What did Jehu do to forty-two of Ahaziah's brothers?
  4. How did Jehu fool the Baal worshipers?
  5. What did Jehu fail to destroy?


  1. Who became the first female king over Judah?
  2. Who had Athaliah removed and killed?
  3. How old was Joash when he became king?


  1. Did Joash (Jehoash) do what was right in the eyes of the Lord?
  2. How did Joash repair the temple of the Lord?
  3. How did Joash die?


  1. What did the arrow represent that Elisha told Joash to shoot through the window?
  2. What did striking the ground with the arrows by Joash represent?
  3. After Elisha died, what happened to the body of a man who was thrown in the tomb of Elisha?


  1. Was Amaziah a righteous king?
  2. What happened to Amaziah when he became boastful against Israel?
  3. How did Amaziah die?
  4. What prophet prophesied that Israel would restore its territory?


  1. What king of Judah reigned for 52 years?
  2. Why was Azariah struck with leprosy by God?
  3. What prophesy was fulfilled at the death of Zechariah, king of Israel?
  4. How did King Menahem protect Israel from the king of Assyria?


  1. What king of Judah made his son pass through the fire?
  2. What did King Ahaz do to the temple of the Lord?


  1. What happened to Israel when Hoshea did not pay tribute to Assyria?
  2. Who did the king of Assyria put in the city of Samaria after Israel was taken captive?
  3. What happened to the new residents of Samaria?
  4. What did the king of Assyria do to protect the new people?


  1. What kind of king was Hezekiah?
  2. Why was the bronze serpent that Moses made destroyed?
  3. a. Who did Sennacherib say had sent the Assyrians against Judah? b. How did he blaspheme God?


  1. Through what prophet did King Hezekiah seek God?
  2. What did God promise Judah concerning Assyria?
  3. What did an angel of the Lord do to the Assyrians?
  4. How was Sennacherib killed?


  1. How many years did God add to Hezekiah's life?
  2. To whom did Hezekiah show his palace and treasures?
  3. Because of Hezekiah's sin, what would happen in the future to Judah?


  1. What idol did King Manasseh bring back to Judah?
  2. What did Manasseh make and put in the house of the Lord?


  1. How old was Josiah when he became king of Jerusalem?
  2. What kind of king was Josiah before the Lord?
  3. What did Hilkiah, the high priest, find in the temple?
  4. How did Josiah react to the words in the Book of the Law?


  1. What did Josiah remove from the temple of the Lord?
  2. a. What prophesy was fulfilled by the bones in the tombs on the mountain? b. Who had prophesied this? c. Who was buried next to this prophet?
  3. What did King Josiah begin again that had not been done since the time of the judges?
  4. What nation defeated Judah at Megiddo?
  5. Who rebelled against the king of Egypt?


  1. What nation came up against Egypt and Judah?
  2. Who did the king of Babylon carry away captive from Judah?
  3. Who did the king of Babylon put in charge of the people left in Judah?


  1. How long did King Nebuchadnezzar besiege the city of Jerusalem?
  2. What happened to Zedekiah and his sons?
  3. Who was made governor of Judah?
  4. Who released Jehoiachin from prison?