(Updated 1/2012)



  1. How did Paul's afflictions console or comfort others?
  2. What helped Paul get through his troubles in Asia?
  3. What are the problems of planning by the flesh instead of the Spirit?
  4. How does the Spirit seal us?
  5. What did Paul spare the Corinthians?


  1. What did Paul urge the people to do to the one who had been punished?
  2. How could Satan take advantage of the church’s unforgiveness?
  3. Why did Paul have unrest concerning Titus?
  4. How was Paul the fragrance of Christ to those being saved?
  5. How are we the fragrance of Christ to God?
  6. How were some peddling the word of God?


  1. What was Paul’s letter of commendation?
  2. What is the difference between the ministry of the law and the ministry of the Spirit?
  3. Why was the ministry of the Spirit more glorious than the ministry of the Law?
  4. Why did Moses veil his face to the people?
  5. Why was Israel still veiled when reading the Old Testament?
  6. How does Jesus remove the veil on our hearts?
  7. What is our liberty in the Lord over those who were under the Law?


  1. How did Paul commend himself before the people’s conscience?
  2. What is the treasure that is in our earthen vessel?
  3. How did Paul carry in his body the dying of Jesus?
  4. How is our inward man renewed day by day?
  5. What did Paul know about suffering and persecution?


  1. a. With what did Paul desire to be clothed?  b. When will we be clothed?
  2. How are we found spiritually naked or unclothed?
  3. How are we pleasing to God whether present or absent?
  4. How are we to regard men?
  5. Of what did Paul try to persuade men?
  6. How are we a new creation?
  7. How are we ambassadors of God?
  8. How do we become the righteousness of God in Jesus?


  1. How do we take the grace of God in vain?
  2. With what are we not to be yoked together?


  1. Why should we perfect holiness?
  2. How did Paul's first letter affect the Corinthians?
  3. a. What is Godly sorrow? b. What does Godly sorrow produce?
  4. What boasting did Paul have of the church?
  5. Why did the church fear the arrival of Titus?


  1. In what condition did the church at Macedonia give to the ministry of the Saints of Jerusalem?
  2. What must you first give God before you can give Him your service?
  3. Was the ministry of the saints a commandment of God?
  4. What are some guidelines in giving to the needs of others?
  5. Why was Titus and another brother chosen to administer the gift?


  1. Why did Paul send someone to ready the gift of the Corinthians?
  2. What does Paul mean by sowing sparingly and bountifully?
  3. How does God supply us for giving?


  1. What are our weapons of warfare?
  2. To what degree are we to take captive false arguments and thoughts?
  3. How would Paul handle any disobedience of the Corinthians?
  4. Why was Paul's speech contemptible?
  5. How should we measure our good standing?


  1. What did Paul labor to do?
  2. What was Paul afraid of concerning the Corinthians?
  3. Of what can Satan's ministers transform themselves?
  4. Of what infirmity (or weaknesses) did Paul boast?
  5. What example did he boast of concerning his weakness?


  1. Why would Paul not boast about certain visions?
  2. a. What was Paul's thorn in the flesh? b. How did this make Paul strong?
  3. Why did Paul feel like a fool?
  4. In what way was Paul cunning?
  5. In what way was the church ‘inferior’?
  6. Why would Paul be humbled concerning the Corinthians?


  1. How was Paul weak in Christ?
  2. Why did Paul ask them to examine themselves?
  3. How do you know that you are in the faith?
  4. Why did Paul want to be ‘weak’ and the people strong?
  5. Why did Paul pray for them to do no evil?