1. Jesus, the Son of God, was crucified for our sins and has risen to give us forgiveness and life after death.
  2. Frivolous and unfounded stories polluted the truth of the gospel and endless genealogies produced pride instead of the love, faith, and a pure heart the gospel required.
  3. He did not believe in Jesus, and in his zeal for God, he thought he was doing God's will by destroying the followers of Christ.


  1. God desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.
  2. Jesus.
  3. They should use discretion in adornments, be modest when they dress, showing godliness and not worldliness.
  4. They were not to teach or have authority over a man.
  5. Man is not independent of woman. Children will come through her. Therefore, she was not destroyed for her sin in the Garden of Eden. However, she must continue in the precepts of the gospel to be saved.


  1. They could have only one wife at a time.
  2. He might become prideful and fall into the way of the devil.
  3. He should be a good witness of the gospel and God's word to those on the outside who will judge them and for those who may accept the gospel.
  4. The church is where God exists through the people. It is a foundation where we get strength and truths so we can stand firm in the faith.
  5. Jesus (v.16 original text is "who" was manifested....). Paul is telling us to follow the example of Jesus for godliness. Then, we will conduct ourselves correctly, be believed, receive honor, and be taken up in glory.


  1. Some will fall away from God and believe strange doctrines.
  2. a. Bodily exercise helps extend your life now. b. Godly exercise will extend your life forever.
  3. He must continue in what he was taught. Others who hear and continue also, will be saved.


  1. An older woman who has no one to help her.
  2. They should remarry.
  3. The elders are worthy of double honor (compared to the widows who need help).
  4. Rebuke him before all so they may fear also.
  5. Some are clearly evident and some are not known until later.


  1. It was a root for all kinds of evil.
  2. Jesus is the firstfruit of those who die and will live again.
  3. God is the Light whom no man has seen.
  4. They should be ready to give and willing to share.