1. They had spread the Word and others had heard of their faith from those who visited them and word had spread about how they had abandoned their former ways of sin and idolatry.
  2. They turned from serving idols to serve the living God.


  1. God gives us a chance to choose the righteous path or solution when the opportunity arises.
  2. Believers should walk worthy of God - in such a way as to be pleasing to Him, to make Him proud of us as a father is of his child, and to be an example of a follower of Christ to those who do not know Him yet or those who are still growing in Him.
  3. The Word of God works in us to change us from our old man to the new and allows us to serve God and be a witness to others.
  4. To have the Thessalonians present with him at the return of Jesus.


  1. a. He needed to see if they were still in the faith even though there were fears of persecution. b. He worried that all his work would have been in vain if they had fallen from or abandoned their faith because of the fears of persecution.
  2. If they stood fast in the Lord and did not depart, he would have joy and strength to carry on the worthwhile work of spreading the Word.
  3. Practicing love helps us to become blameless.


  1. We should abound in how to walk to please God.
  2. We are rejecting God.
  3. They will be taken when God sends Jesus for the saints.
  4. The dead will rise first, and then those who remain will go to God.


  1. He will come as a thief in the night - you will not see Him coming and gathering.
  2. We must keep our faith in love and our hope in the return of Jesus and stay alert for the signs of His return.
  3. By rejecting the Spirit's direction and conviction.
  4. We see if it agrees with the word of God.
  5. Every form of evil.