1. We are chosen by God to be sanctified by the Spirit for obedience to God and to lead holy lives while being cleansed of our sins through the blood of Christ.
  2. We must maintain our faith in God and in His promise of the gospel.
  3. To see if your faith is genuine and may be found to be praised, honored, and glorified at Jesus' return.
  4. a. You receive the salvation of your soul. b. When Jesus returns (vs. 13).
  5. Be obedient children to the Father in all things, not conforming to our former lusts.
  6. To be holy for He is holy.
  7. He will judge according to each one's work without partiality.
  8. Before the foundation of the world, even before Satan tempted Eve.
  9. By obeying the truth - the principles of God.


  1. a. As newborn babies who need milk, you need the Word. b. We must grow to maturity as children of God. The word will teach you how to have a pure heart. Maturity is evidence of our conversion and ensures salvation of our souls.
  2. By seeing our good works and conduct done in the name of the Lord whenever they come before us they will know our God has real influence on us.
  3. Our works and conduct done in righteousness for God.
  4. By our patient suffering when we are mistreated by others for doing good.
  5. He did not sin or return evil for evil. He suffered quietly and submissively.


  1. Follow him and his leadership as is appointed by God. Trust in God when needed instead of taking things into your own hands.
  2. By her chaste or pure conduct a wife can influence a man who is not obeying.
  3. In her heart not in her outward physical appearance.
  4. A gentle and quiet spirit.
  5. Honor her as weaker vessel and help her physically and spiritually.
  6. Be followers of all that is good and in the will of God.
  7. The disobedient angels who took the daughters of men as wives (Gen.6:2, Jude 6, 2Pe.2:4). Or, it may be all the lost generation of men who died in the flood of the earth. All these were before either covenant of God.
  8. The outward sign of your commitment to God and His covenant through Jesus.


  1. Seeking to do the will of God.
  2. The spiritually dead who were preached to so that they might be converted and live according to the Spirit.
  3. Love for your neighbor or others will prevent the rise of sin between you.
  4. By standing firm against reproach for the name of Christ then we show glory to Him and to God.
  5. His house - the believers. We are the living example of His righteousness.
  6. No, he is scarcely saved ["It is hard for him to be saved...." (NIV)]. We must maintain our faith and trust in God even under persecution and suffering.
  7. We must commit our souls to God in doing good.


  1. a. They should not serve as strict lords or masters but lead by example. b. They should not seek dishonest gain.
  2. Be sober or self-controlled and vigilant against all his works. Seek God each time.
  3. We will mature, be strengthened, and stand firmly against further trials. God has settled us or brought us to a new dwelling place and grown us from a sapling to a tree.