1. a. What health problem did King David have? b. How did his servants solve his health problem?
  2. a. Who decided to take over the kingship from David? b. Who joined with him?
  3. Who did David appoint as king?


  1. What did David tell Solomon concerning the Lord?
  2. What did David tell Solomon concerning Joab?
  3. What did David tell Solomon concerning Shimei?
  4. How long had David reigned as king?
  5. Why did Solomon execute Adonijah?
  6. What was the judgement on Abiathar, the priest?
  7. What did Solomon do to Joab?
  8. a. What was the judgement on Shimei? b. What happened to him?


  1. Who did Solomon marry?
  2. Why did the people sacrifice to God in the high places?
  3. a. What did Solomon ask from God? b. What did God give Solomon?
  4. What is the first recorded case of Solomon's wisdom?


  1. a. How many governors did Solomon have under him? b. What was their duty to his household?
  2. a. How many proverbs did Solomon speak? b. How many songs did he have?
  3. What were some of the things that Solomon was wise in?


  1. a. Who did Solomon ask to supply him with materials to build the Lord's temple? b. How did Solomon repay Him?
  2. How many men did Solomon have to help construct the temple?


  1. In what year of Solomon's reign did he begin building the temple?
  2. In what year of Solomon's reign did he complete the temple?


  1. How many years did it take to build Solomon's house?
  2. Who did all the bronze work for Solomon's buildings?
  3. How many lamp stands of gold were constructed for the temple?


  1. a. What did Solomon place under the cherubim in the temple that he had built for the Lord? b. What was still inside of this?
  2. To whom did Solomon know God showed mercy?
  3. In general, what did Solomon ask God to do in any time of Israel's trouble or falling away?
  4. How many bulls and sheep did Solomon offer to the Lord that day?


  1. a. When did God appear to Solomon a second time? b. What did He tell Solomon?
  2. What did Hiram think of Solomon's cities that were given to him?
  3. Under Solomon's rule, who were never used as forced labor?


  1. a. Who came to test Solomon with hard questions? b. How many did Solomon answer?
  2. What gifts did the queen of Sheba give to Solomon?
  3. Of what were Solomon's drinking vessels made?
  4. Why did all the people want to be in the presence of Solomon?


  1. a. How many wives did Solomon have? b. From what people did he take wives for himself? c. Into what did his wives lead Solomon?
  2. What judgment did God make on Solomon's kingdom?
  3. Who would take over ten tribes of Israel?
  4. What son of Solomon would reign in his place?


  1. What did the people want Rehoboam to do for them?
  2. Whose advice did Rehoboam listen to concerning the people of Israel?
  3. a. What concerned Jeroboam about the worship of God in Judah? b. What did he do to solve this problem?


  1. What did a man of God come to tell Jeroboam?
  2. What did God tell his messenger not to do?
  3. How did the man of God disobey God?
  4. What happened to the man of God when he left?


  1. a. To whom did Jeroboam send his wife to find out about their sick son? b. How did he send her?
  2. How did the prophet recognize Jeroboam's wife?
  3. What did the prophet tell Jeroboam's wife?
  4. How bad was Judah in the eyes of the Lord?


  1. Who is the good king of Judah who reigned for forty-one years?
  2. Why did Asa remove his grandmother as queen?
  3. Who killed the household of Jeroboam?


  1. Who killed the household of Baasha?
  2. Who did Isarel want as king in place of Zimri?
  3. Who challenged Omri as king?
  4. What city was built by Omri?
  5. a. Who tried to rebuild the city of Jericho? b. What prophecy of Joshua was fulfilled?


  1. What prophecy concerning the land came through Elijah?
  2. How did God feed Elijah?
  3. After the land dried up, where did God send Elijah for food?
  4. a. What was the first miracle done at the widow's house? b. What was the second miracle done at the widow's house?


  1. What had Obadiah done because he feared the Lord?
  2. Who was trying to rid the land of the Lord's prophets?
  3. Why did Obadiah fear telling Ahab where Elijah was to be found?
  4. What test did Elijah do with the prophets of Baal?
  5. What did Elijah pour over his altar?
  6. a. What happened when the prophets of Baal called on their god? b. What happened when Elijah called on God?
  7. a. What did Elijah send his servant to tell Ahab when he saw the cloud rise in the sky? b. By what means did Ahab travel to Jezreel? c. By what means did Elijah travel to Jezreel? d. Who arrived first?


  1. Who threatened Elijah's life?
  2. a. What did God provide Elijah to eat in the wilderness? b. How long did this food strengthen Elijah?
  3. a. Where did Elijah look for God the first three times? b. How did God speak to Elijah?
  4. Who are the 7,000 God has reserved that have not bent their knees to Baal?
  5. Who would be anointed in Elijah's place?


  1. Why did Ben Hadad think he was defeated by Israel in the first battle?
  2. How did God answer Ben Hadad's challenge?
  3. Why did God become angry with Ahab?


  1. a. What did Ahab want from Naboth? b. Would Naboth give it to Ahab? c. How did Ahab react after Naboth's decision?
  2. How did Jezebel plot to kill Naboth?
  3. a. What was God's judgement against Ahab for Naboth's murder? b. What was Jezebel's judgement?
  4. Why did God postpone the calamity in Ahab's time?


  1. What city did Ahab want to take from the Syrians?
  2. Who did Ahab ask to help Him?
  3. a. Who prophesied against the battle? b. Did Ahab heed his advice? c. What did Ahab do with Him?
  4. How was Ahab killed?
  5. Who became king in Ahab's place?