Updated 9/2012


  1. What was the message that was given to us by Jesus?
  2. How do we keep fellowship with God?
  3. When does the blood of Jesus cleanse us?
  4. How do we get forgiveness of our sins?


  1. How do we know if we know Jesus?
  2. By keeping His commandments what is perfected in us?
  3. If you say you are in Jesus, what should you be doing?
  4. What is the love of the world?
  5. How can you abide forever?
  6. What anointing from God lets us know all things?
  7. How did some deny Jesus?
  8. Why do we need to abide in the will of God?
  9. How do you know someone is born of Jesus?


  1. Why do we purify ourselves?
  2. Why can't a person born of God, sin?
  3. How can we show our love for our brother?
  4. How can we judge whether we are in the truth or not?
  5. How can we be sure to receive what we ask of God?
  6. How do you know that the Spirit of God is in you?


  1. What is a sure way to identify a false spirit?
  2. How do Antichrists speak?
  3. How can anyone see God?
  4. What must we confess to abide in God?
  5. What must we do to abide in God?


  1. What is the love of God that shows our love for others?
  2. Why are His commandments not burdensome?
  3. How is Jesus identified by the water, the blood, and the Spirit?
  4. Why did John write this to believers?
  5. What are sins that lead to death?
  6. What are sins that do not lead to death?
  7. What did Jesus come to do for God?
  8. a. Who is the true one? b. How are we in Him?