1. God is light. There is no sin in Him. We should strive to live sinlessly also.
  2. By not being in sin or iniquity we can seek God and He will answer us.
  3. When we have strived to stay out of sin and iniquity, pursuing truth and holiness, the blood of Jesus will cover our sin.
  4. By admitting to our sin, not denying it or its severity, and seeking God's forgiveness from a sincere heart.


  1. His commandments give us knowledge of His righteousness. By keeping them we know Him.
  2. The gift of love toward our brethren.
  3. We should walk in pureness for God as Jesus did.
  4. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.
  5. By doing the will of God.
  6. The Holy Spirit.
  7. They try to disprove or distort Jesus as the Son of God and the Christ. They make Him less than who He really is and has done.
  8. So we may have confidence to be taken when Jesus returns.
  9. If they practice righteousness, they are one of His.


  1. To be like God so that we may be with Him one day in heaven.
  2. It is hard for them to want to sin; it will grieve them too much. A child of the devil won't feel bothered or guilty about sin.
  3. We should help those in need with more than just good wishes.
  4. By our heart we will know if we are in the truth. Our heart and conscience (through the Spirit) will be either at peace or we will feel the guilt and turmoil within us.
  5. By following His commandments and doing what pleases Him.
  6. The Spirit directs you to the truths of God and to doing His will. He will convict your heart when you are out of God's will.


  1. Whoever denies that Jesus came in the flesh is an Antichrist.
  2. They speak with the wisdom of the world, showing their own evaluation of righteousness and doctrines.
  3. No.
  4. You must confess that Jesus is the Son of God.


  1. To keep His commandments and to love the brethren.
  2. The commandments produce love and peace.
  3. Jesus came from the bloodline of David. Water represents people. Jesus was born of man as was prophesied. The Spirit of God spoke to the people, identifying Jesus at his baptism and the transfiguration. The Spirit was evident in Jesus through His teachings and miracles.
  4. So the people would know Jesus was the One the prophets had spoken of and to continue to believe in Him for eternal life.
  5. Any sin in which a person does not care what he does nor is worried about changing his ways.
  6. Those that people do but they try to stop doing. We can pray for these and help them overcome the sin.
  7. He came to give us understanding about God's ways.
  8. God.
  9. By being in Jesus and following His teachings. These teachings were given to Him by God.