(Updated 1/2012)



  1. What was the contention that had developed at the church of Corinth?
  2. Did God choose the mighty and the noble to do His work?
  3. Should we glory in ourselves before God?
  4. How was Jesus' wisdom from God?


  1. What was Paul’s message?
  2. How did Paul deliver his message?
  3. How does a man know the things of a man?
  4. How can we know the things of God?
  5. How is the spiritual not judged by man?


  1. What teaching is the meat or solid food? What teaching is milk?
  2. Who increases a believer's understanding and maturity in the faith?
  3. What reward do we receive as we plant and water?
  4. What is it that servants should be careful to build on the foundation that is laid?
  5. How does one build on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, or wood, hay, and straw?
  6. What are your rewards of building on the foundation?
  7. a. How can someone defile or destroy the temple? b. What will happen to the person who does this?


  1. How did Paul want the people to look at him and the other teachers?
  2. How are we to be found as stewards of God?
  3. What problem did the church have?
  4. What differences did the teachers not face that the apostles did?
  5. Who was the spiritual father of the Corinthians?
  6. Why did Paul send Timothy first to the church?


  1. What was the sin that was in the church of the Corinthians?
  2. Why does Paul say "deliver the person committing the sin to Satan"?
  3. a. Why were the people glorying in themselves? b. What did Paul say about this?
  4. Who did Paul tell us not to keep company with?
  5. Is it possible for us to judge other believers?


  1. If we have a matter against another brother, before whom should we contest it?
  2. How will we judge the world?
  3. Why should the brethren not go to law against each other?
  4. Will Catamites (homosexuals) go to heaven?
  5. To whom should we dedicate our bodies?


  1. What is one reason Paul says people should get married?
  2. a. Should a husband or wife deprive each other of sexual relations? b. When can they consent to deprive each other?
  3. What does the Lord command that a husband or wife should not do?
  4. Should you divorce an unbelieving spouse?
  5. If an unbeliever departs, what bondage are you released from?
  6. Why did Paul say it was better to remain unmarried?


  1. Of what should believers be careful not to get prideful?
  2. What concern should we consider with a brother who is less knowledge than we are?


  1. What did Paul defend concerning he and Barnabas?
  2. What should teachers be able to reap if they have sown spiritual things to the saints?
  3. Of what can Paul boast?
  4. What did the priests partake of as they ministered in the temple?
  5. a. How did Paul make himself a servant to all? b. Did Paul forsake God’s law as he taught these people?
  6. What is Paul's reward if he unwillingly preached the gospel?
  7. What is our race? What is the prize?
  8. a. How does Paul insure he will obtain the prize? b. Did Paul fear being disqualified? c. What happens if he becomes disqualified?


  1. a. How were the children of Israel baptized into Moses? b. What followed the Rock? c. Who was the Rock?
  2. How do the things that happened to Israel benefit us?
  3. Why should we be careful to stand upright before God?
  4. What will God provide when you are tempted?
  5. Why are all things lawful but not edifying?


  1. a. Who is the head of Christ? b. Who is the head of man? c. Who is the head of woman?
  2. a. How does a man spiritually dishonor his head? b. How does a woman spiritually dishonor her head? c. Why should the man have authority over the woman?
  3. Who is the image and glory of God?
  4. How should we conduct ourselves at the Lord's Supper?
  5. Why does God chasten us?


  1. Why do we have different spiritual gifts?
  2. What do the many believers with all the different gifts make up?
  3. What do the many members of the body produce among themselves?


  1. What is the gift that makes one perfect?
  2. Why will other gifts fail and love never fail?
  3. Why are gifts given ‘in part’ to us?
  4. What is the imperfectness that will be done away with?
  5. Why do we see dimly?


  1. a. What is a better gift than tongues? b. Why?
  2. Why are tongues unprofitable for the church?
  3. Why were tongues a sign for non-believers?
  4. Why is prophesying better for unbelievers?
  5. a. How many people should speak in a tongue at one time? b. What must be present when someone speaks in a tongue?
  6. What was the rule for women speaking in the church?


  1. a. What is the word to which we should hold fast? b. What happens if we do not hold fast to the word?
  2. How were the Corinthians believing in vain?
  3. What is our belief and hope in Christ?
  4. What is the order of the resurrection?
  5. a. Who is in subjection to Christ? b. Who is not in subjection to Christ?
  6. What was shameful of some in the Corinthian church?
  7. What type of body will be raised? 
  8. a. When will we be resurrected? b. How fast will this take place?
  9. Why would our labor in the Lord be in vain?


  1. What did Paul advise the people to do concerning collections for the saints?
  2. a. Should we practice giving today? B. Who should we give to?
  3. Where was Priscilla's and Aquila's church?